Develop your psychic powers in a variety of subjects

Psychic Development Course

New and final part to unit 4 Mediumship has now been added. (Jan 2024)

A home-study psychic development course covering a wide variety of subjects including psychic protection, past lives and mediumship.

Most modules can be taken as separate stand-alone courses, so you can choose which ones you want to study and in what order. The order of courses listed below is my suggestion only. This course will ultimately build into a full Psychic Development Programme: Most Modules are priced at £10. Once ordered, they are emailed to you in PDF format, that can be read on screen or printed out. PLEASE NOTE: Some modules of this course are also found in the online Magick Course. These are indicated – and you can also check the course “code” against any modules you have already purchased.


Psychic Protection (2 modules)
Introduction to Developing your Psychic Powers (2 modules)
UNIT 3: Dowsing with Pendulums
UNIT 4: Mediumship (5 modules)
UNIT 5: Past Lives (one of four modules available) More units will be added to this course in the near future.


PSYCHIC PROTECTION PLEASE NOTE: These two Modules are the same as Parts 6 & 7 of the Magick Course. These two modules offer psychic protection knowledge for your everyday life. They can also be taken as a separate mini-course in conjunction with or to build on the material in the Psychic Protection CD. It includes psychic protection in the everyday world, closing your chakra system against attack and for peaceful sleep and calling upon the protection of the Archangels. Other sections include sending back harm to the perpetrator, defensive, banishing and binding spells and rituals, how to neutralise psychic attacks and creating protective boundaries around yourselves, loved ones, property, your workspace and in magick ritual. These modules are suitable for anyone interested in psychic protection and who feel in need of protection even if they know nothing about the psychic world. It is intended for all who carry out any healing, therapeutic, counselling or spiritual work in a private or therapeutic practice or who work with the general public

Module One PD-U1-M1: £10
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Module Two PD-U1-M2: £10
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An almost entirely practical course, offering a comprehensive and easy to follow introduction to developing your psychic awareness. Though it forms the early part of an ongoing psychic development course that will eventually have 36 parts, it is entirely self contained. This unit is suitable for those who want to become more intuitive and tuned into life and its opportunities and includes basic meditation, visualisation and relaxation techniques to open our energy field to attract good things and reduce the stress of daily living. The exercises can be fitted into the most frantic lifestyle and will improve its quality by encouraging clearer focus and the ability to switch off from what is irrelevant or stressful. However, it also offers for those who want to develop their spiritual nature further an introduction to different psychic powers including opening your third or psychic eye, clairvoyance (clear seeing into past, future, other dimensions and as remote viewing what is beyond the physical eye range). You will also learn how to make predictions, simple scrying using a reflective surface such as a crystal ball or water and how to become more telepathic and use mind to mind communication in daily life. It also provides basic techniques for psychometry, psychic touch, seeing or sensing ghosts, astral or mind travel, tuning into past worlds and amplifying psychic awareness with crystals. For those who are already advanced but feel they need fresh inspiration this unit offers exercises at three different levels including working with your inner elemental powers and discovering your personal nature based spiritual guardians for empowerment and protection. Some of the techniques will be developed in future separate units such as working with past lives, clairaudience, receiving messages from other dimensions and different methods of scrying. However for those who want a quick general course in psychic development the introductory Modules 1 and 2 of this Unit will give sufficient in depth knowledge for you to become proficient in psychic work and able to use your gifts to enrich your own life and advise friends and family.

Module One PD-U2-M1: £10
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Module Two PD-U2-M2: £10
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Module 1 forms the general introduction to pendulum dowsing and will explain how pendulum dowsing works in all its aspects as well as teaching you how to answer questions and make choices about future issues.
PD-U3-M1: £10
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Module 1: Developing personal mediumship to help yourself, friends and family to make connection with deceased relatives and to investigate and interact with ghosts in haunted places This unit is suitable for anyone who wishes to make safe and loving contact with a departed relative or to help others to do so. It will offer techniques to connect with deceased presences as well as being able to conduct a ghost investigation in a haunted house and relieve negative paranormal activity. In subsequent modules of this unit we will work with our spirit guides and wise beings from other dimensions and develop more advanced skills towards becoming a medium professionally and working with troubled spirits. However this initial unit may be of interest to training or practising mediums as going back to basics often triggers a new level of personal spiritual development and overcomes blockages. The activities offer ways of moving on to more advanced other dimensional encounters. 

PD-U4-M1: £10
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Module 2: Animal Mediumship
This Unit that follows on from the previous one can be taken entirely independently. Even if you want to work only with the deceased or missing pets of family and friends this unit will help you to connect not only with beloved deceased animals but to locate those who are missing. If you did find Unit 1 difficult and mediumship can take time to feel confident, animal mediumship is a good entry point as spirit animals by their nature are very close to their human owners and so can readily be identified.

PD-U4-M2: £10
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Module 3: Spirit Guides Part One
This course forms part of Unit 4 Mediumship (in the Psychic Development course), but also acts as one of two stand-alone units if you sense your Spirit Guides around you and want to learn more of them. This course is for beginners and spiritual experts alike and many people who want to know their Spirit Guides better may not necessarily want to go on to study spiritual arts. However, working with your guides does open you amazingly spiritually and so you may find yourself drawn to learn more after you have taken these two modules on Spirit Guides.
Throughout the modules will be practical activities to enable you to connect personally with your Spirit Guides. Take your time over these exercises and you may discover you develop one or two favourite techniques. If you already practice mediumship, you will soon identify a particular Spirit Guide, generally a wise teacher from another age or culture or a deceased relative who was particularly psychic in their lifetime, who will assist you in connecting with the spirits from whom you are seeking information for clients. This guide will sometimes help the spirit to communicate with you if the spirit is distressed or there is difficult information to impart or the person with whom you are working is blocked with grief or unresolved issues concerning the spirit. But whether you are a medium, clairvoyant or healer or exploring your spirituality for the first time, knowledge of the Spirit Guides who are around you and will help if called upon and benefits every aspect of your life. For the higher or Astral realms are full of wise guides and guardians, just waiting to be called. 

PD-U4-M3: £10
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Module 4: Spirit Guides Part Two
Working with more Evolved or Higher Spirit Guides from ancient Cultures, Nature Devas and Ascended Beings and Travelling to Other Realms. This module forms part of Unit 4 Mediumship (in the Psychic Development course), but also acts as the second of two stand-alone units (as detailed above) if you sense your Spirit Guides around you and want to learn more of them.

PD-U4-M4: £10
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Module 5: Developing Mediumship and how to turn professional if you wish.
Learn how to organise one to one Medium sessions with people you do not know, to receive and transmit messages from their loved ones in the Afterlife, to find your special Mediumship Guide who will protect and assist you with your mediumship, how to run group séances, to channel wisdom from wise Higher Guides and even to speak in trance or write books assisted by them. Discover the best way to work with larger audiences and to explore Psychic Artistry, Flower Psychometry and Psychic Dictation as ways of passing on wisdom from other dimensions. Find out the secrets of successful telephone and email consultations, how to work with Angel cards and Tarot to channel even more profound and detailed messages from the deceased and Guides and how to take more formal training. Understand the basic beliefs of Spiritualism, how to compassionately help Child Ghosts and to work at Psychic Fairs and in the media. If you are already treading the psychic path this unit will also be of use to you in discovering your next steps.

PD-U4-M5 £10
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Reincarnation, the belief that our soul returns to a new body after death, is an ancient concept that in the modern world makes a great deal of sense to explain why we have seemingly illogical fears or are attracted to particular places, interests and people that may be very different from our current lifestyle or background.” This unit is made up of four modules (module one is available now and the rest to follow soon) and can be taken as part of this full physic development course or as a “stand alone” course. The Past Lives course will take you on a journey of self discovery of your own past lives and also help you to help others (friends and family) to discover their own past lives and how actions and events of the past may help to ease the road we are on today. This is an easy to follow and mainly practical course, with very few if any extra materials required.

Module 1
Learn how to tap in to your past lives…recreate past life dream scenarios, timeless fragrances and old places and learn the basic techniques of regression.
PD-U5-M1: £10
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More units and modules will be available soon

The home study courses are sent by email as PDF files. The are not an automatic download - they are sent when Debi checks the emails, which is usually several times a day. If in the event you do not receive your course in more than 24 hours, check your SPAM box, and if not there, please contact Debi.

These courses are not exam based, they are simply for improving your skill set in the psychic arts. They are all easy to follow with plenty of practical exercises. 

My range of home study courses are designed to be taken as individual modules, at your own pace. You can study one or more courses and many modules can be easily mixed and matched depending on what you want to learn. Most modules are stand-alone courses in their own right, so read each module description to choose which you want to study, and in whatever order suits you.  However, I have arranged the modules in to subjects as complete courses (but some modules overlap on subjects, these are all marked, so you don't buy the same module twice).