A one part course to bring happiness in love

Love Magick Mini-course

This one off course is aimed at all who seek happiness in love, whether to find new love or to strengthen an existing commitment, to have a happier marriage or long term relationship and to weather hard times. It also offers spells and rituals for reconciliation in love and for ending love gently or escaping from a destructive relationship and building up self love and self esteem.

The course offers not only spells and rituals but a comprehensive list of the colours, crystals, herbs, flowers, angels, moon phases and days associated with love magick.

In it I teach you how to create and cast your own love spells and rituals. The course is intended for those who know nothing of magick as well as practitioners who do - they can use this as an extra resource for their Book of Shadows and as teaching material in developing personal spell casting skills.

The course also deals with fertility magick and describes how to set up love altars for everything from reviving passion and conceiving a child to giving strength to a marriage or long term relationship through bad times as well as good and how to release loving energies into your home and relationships.

This mini-course is not exam based. It is easy to follow with plenty of practical exercises. 

£10 - the course will be sent to you by email