Helping you through tough financial times

Credit Crunch Magick Mini-course

A one part course to help you through this and any future Credit Crunch times.

This 28 page document is filled with ideas and ways to help you through these tough financial times. There are several easy to do spells throughout this easy to follow course, all of which use items from around the home or that can be cheaply bought at a local store. In keeping with the theme, it is only £5 (half the normal price of my course modules). 

You could argue the first credit crunch magick began in Palaeolithic times when the first hunting rituals were recorded on cave walls. Magick was used to both call the animals telepathically to the hunting grounds and to enable the hunters to tune into where the animals were hiding or grazing. The same principles lie behind credit crunch magick, both to draw money and money making opportunities to us and to alert us to ways of using our talents to make money and of finding creative solutions to debt problems. In better financial times the same magick assists us to gain financial security so that we can focus on other parts of our lives.

Included in this Credit Crunch Course you will discover: 

Colours of prosperity
The flowers of money
The Herbs of Money
Money Crystals
Days of the week for money and more.

There are practical activities and spells included. This superb one part Credit Crunch Course may help improve your good fortune and luck, whether it be to help you get a new job, develop your creative talents to help you earn some extra cash or generally improve your income.

Nothing to loose (well, just a fiver!) and everything to gain. 

Credit Crunch Magick CCM-1:  £5
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These courses are not exam based, they are simply for improving your skill set in the psychic arts. They are all easy to follow with plenty of practical exercises. 

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