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NEW COURSE MODULE available 9th October 2022 6 module 15

As a white witch, Druidess and psychic researcher for more than thirty years, allow me to guide you into the world of magick on this inspiring Magick Course, at a pace to suit you, by studying and practising at home when as how you want.

Welcome to this magick and witchcraft course that acts as an individual training program to teach you at your own pace and in your own way all you need to know about practising magick alone, with a group of friends or as part of a coven. For existing covens the modules may prove useful as inspiration for your own teaching of initiates. The material and many practical exercises in the modules owe much to the practices of Wicca, the formal religion of witchcraft that dates back thousands of years. However the course is equally relevant for those who want to create their own unique form of magick or combine it with Druidry or other nature-based spiritualities. Whether you are sixteen or ninety-five you can tap into the wisdom of your magical ancestors no matter where in the world are your spiritual or physical roots - and become part of an ever-growing changing magical tradition to which your wisdom will as your confidence increases, contribute to future generations.

About my Complete Magick Course
There will be 26 modules of magical learning plus self-initiations, but you can take as many or as few modules as you wish entirely at your own pace. It is suitable for entire beginners as well as those who want to add to their knowledge of magical and astrological correspondences to create their own spells and rituals.  If you take the first six parts of the magick course, this will give you sufficient knowledge to practice magick in your everyday life and to create your own rituals and celebrations for any occasion. I would recommend taking the first six parts in order as each builds on the knowledge of the previous unit. These initial units are designed to take people unfamiliar with magick right through the basics in easy to understand sections with plenty of practical activities. 

Some modules naturally follow on in sequence and the earlier modules on circle casting and setting up an altar plus ones on candles, incenses, rituals and the Wheel of the Year form the core of the learning and so would be helpful to study . Throughout the course however I have tried within each separate module to offer the information you need to complete it as a standalone. I have adapted practices to incorporate the lives of those in the Southern hemisphere especially seasonal and elemental celebrations, while focusing on traditional northern hemisphere magick.

The course includes everything from circle casting, magical tools, the elements of magick, setting an altar for magick, spellcasting, herb spell bags, amulets and charms, incense and candles, kitchen magick, crystals, moon magick, including a Drawing down the Moon ceremony, psychic protection, all about Gods and Goddess of many ages and cultures and magick from lands and ages as far apart as Scandinavia and Ancient Egypt and seasonal celebrations of the eight-fold year. There are formal rituals such as the Holy Grail God and Goddess chalice and blade ceremony and everyday five-minute spells magick for today’s hectic lifestyle.

I have called my Magical course The Web of the Wise and you are entitled without examinations or formal as opposed to private initiations or those with friends to call yourself a witch, wise one or priestess after beginning the course. By the end of the course you will be ready to create your personal magical system should you wish to continue that living growing tradition.

You are welcome to contact Debi or myself with any queries or difficulties you encounter during the course and we will do our best to help. Each subsequent part will add to your magical knowledge and in time and if you so choose you can progress even further in magical practice, using the course as a basis to gain sufficient expertise to become the equivalent of a first degree solitary witch (and in subsequent years of the course going even further in your training). Alternatively after the initial six parts you can choose individual units that interest you or in areas where if you already practice magick you have gaps in your knowledge. Since each unit is sold separately you can work at your own pace, take breaks whenever you wish. 

Material on this course is a compilation of my 30+ years experience in Magick and Psychic development. There is a vast amount of unpublished material throughout this course and it is suitable for beginners and the more experienced alike. 
If you are experienced in magick you could take individual units. While my magick books do give a lot of background information on magick they are not essential reading. The course is entirely self contained and designed as a hands on teaching resource and is set out exactly as if we were working face to face. 

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Module 1 
The Principles: Learn the principals of Spell casting, the rules of Magick, the Three Main Kinds of Magick, and do a selection of practical activities based on what you have just learnt. You will also learn about the Four Elements and Magick.
CMC-1 Module One: £10
Module 2
The Elements: Includes learning about and working with the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, positioning the elements around a circle in directions that are right for you wherever you live in the world, encountering the elemental guardians and creating an astral circle for rituals using your own chakra energies. 
CMC-2: Module Two: £10 
Module 3
Casting Circles: Learn different ways of casting a visualised and actual circle, how to cast a two directional Wheel of the World circle, a triple elemental circle and a shamanic seven or nine direction circle. You will use these new concepts to carry out slightly more advanced rituals.
CMC-3: Module Three: £10
Module 4
Altars and Tools: This will involve learning how to draw and use an invoking and banishing pentagram to open and close the four quarters of your circle. You will also learn how to set up an indoor and outdoor altar and to create a miniature travelling altar for use anywhere. It will describe the four traditional tools of magick, how to choose or make these and other easily obtainable magical tools you can collect to build up your ritual work indoors and out. These new tools will be added to ritual.
CMC-4: Module Four: £10
Module 5
Magical timings: This unit will offer information on the best moon phases, solar times of day, planetary hours of the day and evening, days of the week and zodiacal times, for casting magical spells and creating rituals. It will teach you how to construct more accurate rituals by adding the traditionally associated colours, crystals and incenses to tap into the energies of different sun, moon and planetary ruled times. Later units will deal with sun and moon magick and angelic hours of the day and night in greater detail.
CMC-5: Module Five: £10
Module 6
These next two modules are the same as the two modules in the Psychic Development course PD-U1-M1 and PD-U1-M2. They are suitable for anyone interested in psychic protection and who feel in need of protection even if they know nothing about the psychic world. It is intended for all who carry out any healing, therapeutic, counselling or spiritual work in a private or therapeutic practice or who work with the general public. Psychic Protection (part one):
These two units offer additional psychic protection knowledge for your everyday life. They can also be taken as a separate mini-course in conjunction with or to build on the material in the Psychic Protection CD. It includes psychic protection in the everyday world, closing your chakra system against attack and for peaceful sleep and calling upon the protection of the Archangels. Other sections include sending back harm to the perpetrator, defensive, banishing and binding spells and rituals, how to neutralise psychic attacks and creating protective boundaries around yourselves, loved ones, property, your workspace and in magick ritual. 
CMC-6 (PD-U1-M1) Module Six: £10
Module 7
Psychic Protection (part two): These two units offer additional psychic protection knowledge for your everyday life. They can also be taken as a separate mini-course in conjunction with or to build on the material in the Psychic Protection CD. It includes psychic protection in the everyday world, closing your chakra system against attack and for peaceful sleep and calling upon the protection of the Archangels. Other sections include sending back harm to the perpetrator, defensive, banishing and binding spells and rituals, how to neutralise psychic attacks and creating protective boundaries around yourselves, loved ones, property, your workspace and in magick ritual.
CMC-7 (PD-U1-M2) Module Seven: £10
Module 8
Candle Magick part 1: Candle Magick, using candles for magick in your daily life and for ritual. Magick is a living, evolving tradition. We can use candles magically to create harmony, happiness and abundance in our homes. Candle magick is also central to many spells and rituals, simple and more formal to attract what you most want, cast protection around yourself and loved ones and banish what is destructive or redundant in your life.
CMC-8 Module 8
Module 9
More Advanced Candle Magick – part 2 While it is not essential that you have studied the previous module on Candle Magick, you may find it helpful as it contains detailed information on the magical significance of candle colours, astrological connections and different fragrances for anointing candles that enable you to create a candle spell that is focused on its particular purpose. In this module we will develop ways of using candles for divination, for more complex spells, making your own beeswax candles and creating protective wax amulets and lucky talismans and charms to attract what you most want or need and protect you against harm.
CMC-9 Module 9
Module 10
Magick with Herbs Now Available In this module we will work with the magical meanings of herbs in spells and for more general empowerment and protection. Herbs can be a magical focus as growing plants, indoors in pots or in the garden, as chopped dried herbs you can dry yourself or buy in glass jars in the supermarket.
CMC-10 Module 10
Module 11
Magick with Oils, flowers and fragrances Now available.
In this module we work with flowers and their fragrances making magickal oils, fragrance altar, rituals and empowerments.   Fragrance is a very ancient and universal form of magick. In Ancient Egypt it was believed that fragrances came from the deities so mortals might become more perfect by absorbing the scent. In that society as in countless other cultures from Native North America to India, the concept existed that each flower, herb or tree had its unique essence that could be absorbed during ritual to bring power, love, success, healing and protection according to its magical significance.
CMC-11 Module 11

Module 12:
Magick with Incense and Smudge
In this module we will work with incense sticks and cones and loose incense and learn how to make your own non-combustible incense, the kind you burn on charcoal. We will also make and burn smudge sticks in rituals and for home and personal cleansing.
CMC-12 Module 12 

Module 13:
Kitchen Witch, Magick for Home and Garden
Kitchen Witch: The Magical Home and Garden In this module we will explore magick where it began, at home for protecting the family against sickness, poverty and cruel landlords when the law offered no support. It also attracted good fortune, health, enough food, love and happiness. Indeed the village wise woman probably used the same cooking pot for her magical brews and potions as she did for cooking. This module will also describe making and using herbal salt, herbal infusions and concoctions, traditional magick to keep the home safe, healthy and prosperous and creating magical boundaries in a garden, balcony, window box or indoor garden of pot plants.  
CMC-13 Module 13
Module 14: 
Crystal magick. (Please note this is the same as module 4 in the Complete Crystal  Course CP-M4)
Crystal Magick Spells using crystals are one of the easiest, most portable and most powerful forms of magick. Once you have empowered crystals in a spell, you can carry them with you or wear them as jewellery. Then whenever you need the power or protection you put into your crystal during the spell, you can touch it, say the spell words in your mind and the empowered energies come flooding into your life. to attract who or what you need  most or to protect you.
CMC-14 Module 14

Module 15:
Creating Rituals for one or be

What are rituals? Rituals are a formal stage of magick, although some magical practitioners quite happily and very successfully focus on spell casting. I often use the term spell and ritual interchangeably. The real difference is that a spell is like a recipe usually for a specific purpose, whereas a ritual is more structured, following different set stages at a particular time, for example full moon or a seasonal celebration without a short major build up and release of power as in a spell.
CMC-15 Module 15

Module 16: The Wheel of the Magical Year (part one), ceremonies and celebrations for one or many (coming soon)
Module 17: The Wheel of the Magical Year (part two),  (coming soon)
Module 18: Earth Magick, earth spirits, elementals and devas in magick (coming soon)
Module 19: Air Magick, air spirits, elementals and devas in magick (coming soon)
Module 20: Fire Magick, fire spirits, elementals and devas in magick (coming soon)
Module 21: Water Magick, water spirits, elementals and devas in magick. (coming soon)
Module 22: An Initiation Ceremony to be carried out alone, with friends or a coven. This costs only five pounds but it is recommended that initiates have studied at least some of the earlier modules. (coming soon)
Module 23
The Goddess in her many aspects Available now
Part 1: This Unit is also the first unit in a four part course on Goddesses and Gods for those that do not wish to take the complete magick course but are interested in Goddess spirituality and wish to add the male focus. However it is also a self contained stand alone Goddess course since it deals with discovering and working with our personal inner Goddess and well as exploring the concept of the creating Mother of All in different cultures who brought death and rebirth. It examines the powerful Goddess who was wife and mother but who was a creatrix in her own right. Again material ranges through various cultures and traces the history of the changing role of the Goddess from the powerful Mistress of Earth and Heavens who often brought her consort back to life in the annual Sacred Marriage renewal that bought fertility to land, animal and people, to the Goddess as consort in patriarchal society. The course is suitable for men in working with their anima gentler side as well as exploring positive relationships with mother, sister, daughter and love partner and polarities within single sex relationships. The course is based on practical exercises and describes in detail how to create rituals using Goddess energies for empowerment, healing and protection and for working with the concept of the Sacred Marriage symbolically in ritual to create a fusion of power for any purpose. Above all it guides participants into creating their own unique Charge or call to the Goddess as they see her that is central to both magick and Goddess spirituality. The unique feature of the course and the reason why it is more expensive than other standard magick units is that there is an extensive separate section of 50 goddesses who can be used as power icons and ritually. This describes in detail their mythological backgrounds, their god pairings where relevant, the particular areas of life where they can offer help and their candle colours, day of the week, fragrance and focal crystals.
CMC-23: Module Twenty Three: £15
Module 24. Part 2 of The Goddess in her many aspects Available now
Part 2 This module also forms the second part of the Goddesses and Gods wisdom course. as it can be used entirely as a self contained stand alone study unit, containing all the information you need to work with the rituals, empowerment and exercises suggested within it. This unit explores in depth The Triple or three aspects of the Goddess who throughout history has represented the three major phases of the moon and the three main stages of the life cycle, maiden, mother and wise woman/crone. These stages are as relevant to men as to women. Each represents particular qualities of our personal inner goddess to be discovered during the course unit. It in addition offers mythological goddess forms from different ages and cultures to use in ritual and empowerment to develop our own strengths and overcome challenges. The material also focuses on the Three Sisters of Fate from different cultures and how they influence our own ability to control our destiny and understand and if necessary heal the effects of the past. Finally we will, work with the sisters of healing and creativity and the fierce battle triplicates to reveal more of our own potentials and hidden or shadow fears that in themselves hold great stored strength. The unit is very largely based on practical activities, rituals and empowerment building as well as offering a wide cultural background into the goddess and her many faces. The unit is completed with a detailed fifty more goddesses, their background, qualities, candle colours, special fragrances, crystals and empowerments that can be used both with the material of Units 8 and 9 and in personal Goddess spirituality as well as in magick. 
CMC-24: Module Twenty Four: £15
More coming early 2022
Module 24: God Magick 1
Module 25: God Magick 2.
Module 26: Norse Magick (optional)
Module 27 and 28: Celtic Magick and Druidry (optional)
Module 29: Ancient Egyptian Magick (optional)
Module 30: Starting your Own Coven or Magical Group (can be taken any time in the course)
Module 31: Advanced Moon ,Sun, Eclipse Magick
Module 32: Weather Magick and Divination
Module 33: Totem animals and familiars
Module 34: Shamanic Magick
Module 35: Magical Alphabets
Module 36: Creating your own magical system