Full moon Leo February 5 at 18.28 UTC
Sunday, February 5, 2023
Welcome to the Full Snow Moon in Leo on February 5 at 18,28 UTC (see Moon Phases 2023 – Lunar Calendar for UTC, Time Zone ( for the times in your region).
Welcome to Imbolc
Monday, January 30, 2023
Welcome to Imbolc, the festival of the first awakening of the earth and signs of new life after the winter. According to old traditions the Celtic goddess Brigid melted the winter snows with her willow wand. Also called Oimelc because the first ewe’s milk was available to the community, the festival is still in some communities and families celebrated from the Eve of January 31 through St Brigid’s day on February 1 to sunset on February 2, now recalled in the Christianised festival of the returning light.
Happy Full Wolf Moon
Friday, January 6, 2023
Happy first full moon of 2023 January 6th, visible from the late afternoon in the UK and northern hemisphere and it will at its best around 11pm.
 Happy Full Moon in Gemini
Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Happy Full Moon in Gemini on December 8 UTC at 04.08. the day before in some lands. It is called in Native North American tradition, Full Cold Moon or Long Nights’ Moon. As the last full moon before Winter Equinox, the Celts considered this a Mourning or Loss Moon, when the year and sun were dying.
 Happy Full Beaver moon in Taurus
Monday, November 7, 2022
Happy Full Beaver moon in Taurus on November 8 at 11.02 UTC (see for moonrise times in your region), There will be a full lunar eclipse. seen in North America, most of South America, Australia, Asia and parts of northern and eastern Europe. Even those who cannot see the full eclipse, the energies are ever-present. Time to shed what is no longer wanted as the moon darkens in the sky, with the extinguishing of a purple candle; lighting a silver or white one as the moon returns, naming all we seek to draw into our lives and can offer to others.
 Welcome to the approaching Time of the Ancestors, celebrated in both northern and southern hemispheres as Halloween
Saturday, October 29, 2022
Welcome to the approaching Time of the Ancestors, celebrated in both northern and southern hemispheres as Halloween, on October 31. Our ancestors would have recognized these times. when increasing numbers of children in so-called affluent countries go to school hungry and to bed cold, where previously honest mothers steal basic food items from grocery stores and millions flee with their children or shelter as best they can in war-torn lands.
Happy Full Hunter's Moon in Aries
Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Happy Full moon in Aries on October 9 at 21.55 (see for the time and day in your region )
 Welcome to the September Equinox
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Welcome to the September Equinox on September 23, the point of equal day and equal night throughout the world at 01. 04 UTC. A transition between light and darker days and nights.
Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces
Friday, September 9, 2022
Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces on September 10 at 09.58 UTC (check www.timeanddate,com for moonrise and precise day in your own region)
Happy Full Moon in Aquarius
Thursday, August 11, 2022
Welcome to the Sturgeon moon in Aquarius on August 12, August 11 in some parts of the world, at 01.35 UTC ( see Moon Phases 2022 – Lunar Calendar for UTC, Time Zone ( for the moon rise in your region).
Happy Lughnassadh
Saturday, July 30, 2022
Happy Lughnassadh, the first harvest in the Northern hemisphere, often celebrated between July 31 at sunset and August 2 sunset. It is mirrored in the southern world at the same time by the festival Imbolc, the first stirrings of new life as the land awakes after winter.
Happy July' 13 full moon in Capricorn
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Happy July' 13 full moon in Capricorn, the Buck Moon, reaching its peak at 18:38 UTC on Wednesday. It will also appear bright and full from July 12 to July 14, because for the third month in a row, the full moon rises as a supermoon when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth (see http://www. date and for moon rise in your region).
Happy Midsummer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Midwinter in the Southern world
Monday, June 20, 2022
on June 21 09.13 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) The Mirror Solstices are impetus to reach out in hope in a troubled world as the sun reaches full height in Northern climes and at the same time as the sun is reborn in the Southern hemisphere.
Happy approaching full Strawberry Moon
Monday, June 13, 2022
Tuesday, June 14 at 11.51, the second supermoon of 2022 moving close to the earth
Happy Full Moon in Scorpio
Monday, May 16, 2022
on May 16 04.14 UTC
Happy Beltane
Friday, April 29, 2022
Happy approaching Beltane (or Beltaine) or the beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere and Samhain or Summer’s End in the Southern world.
Consultations with Cassandra on May 6, 7 and 8 at Charlie’s Rock Shop, London, my only UK venue.
Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Consultations with Cassandra on May 6, 7 and 8 at Charlie’s Rock Shop, London, my only UK venue.  I have been visiting Charlie's Rock Shop for 15 years now and so have many clients who have become old friends.

Half, one hour and two-hour sessions for absolutely any problem or worry from psychic children to major business or relationship decisions, using Tarot, crystal sphere crystal angels, runes, Egyptian Oracle, Power Animal and Goddess cards; also spells for any positive purpose and advice on psychic protection.

New clients are recommended to book an hour. I welcome old and new friends.. 

Contact Charlie’s Rock Shop: +442085441207

Unit 1 1929 Shop, Merton Abbey Mills, Wimbledon, GB, SW19 2RD

Spellcasting and Manifestation Workshop with Cassandra Eason on Saturday May 7  from 18.30- 20.30 at Charlie’s Rock Shop, London

Have you ever wanted to attract what or whom you most need, prevent someone from harming you or  a loved one or remove whatever is holding you back from happiness and success?

Spellcasting makes it possible to manifest thesear Debi,

results using the psychic powers we all possess and following a simple format to empower your spell.

The workshop will include how to formulate your spell purpose, how to protect yourself psychically while spell casting and how to create and cast a basic spell for attraction, binding and banishing.

You will learn how to empower your spell with words and the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water that combine to make the magical space and energy where wishes can be manifest. 

Discover how to make and empower a unique talismanic bag of small crystals to draw good fortune, health, the right career, money, love, good fortune, protection and happiness or for a specific purpose or event.

Learn also how to protect your home, workplace and self magically while travelling. 

Spaces for both events are very limited.


Happy Full Moon in Libra
Friday, April 15, 2022

Happy Full Moon in Libra April 16  at 1955, UTC from Cassandra, Debi and Caity.

Though the moon shines golden this is called the Pink Moon after the pink blooms of a wildflower in eastern North America called, the moss phlox or moss pink. Among the Algonquin people the moon is named Breaking Ice moon as frozen streams start to melt  or among the Dakota the Moon when the geese begin laying eggs. This is  a reminder of the first eggs after winter placed on the shrine of Ostara the Norse Goddess of spring on the Spring Equinox- or according to Eastern European tradition eggs decorated by the Virgin Mary to delight baby Jesus. 

A moon for the restoration of harmony of hope, the end of suffering in Ukraine and other war-torn lands; new life bringing the pandemic and other endemic diseases under control; the pink moon is this year the Paschal Full Moon marking the first Sunday after full moon after Spring Equinox as Easter Sunday.

In many lands and religions this is the time of regeneration, rebirth and growth to replace decay and what has been lost.

Balanced Libra ruled by wise angel Zuriel helps soothe fear, promises we can find a way through these dark times; a reminder that under the pink moon through the ages other dangerous times have been illuminated by the shimmering moonbeams of the kindness, not of the great and inglorious, but ordinary people who reach hands across the sea and to those in the next street to those who have nothing or experience dire loneliness.

 A moon not for seeking excitement and change, but stability in health and peace, so all have a safe home, a land free from bombs, weapons and hunger and that children can run free and laugh once more.

Wherever we are in the world we look up at the same lovely moon and this moon month do not for wish for irrelevancies, luxuries or frivolities, but for positive action that when we next see the full moon< the world will be a better happier place and none may walk in fear.

Shine on lovely moon, already in the sky waiting her grand entrance, grant us the light to create and recreate the beauty humans daily despoil.

Happy April 2022
Friday, April 1, 2022

A happy April from Debi, Caitie and Cassandra.

April springs fresh in the Northern hemisphere, scattering the  blossoms, a stir-crazy month of shimmering sunbeams, sudden frost and the showers that tease in the breeze the moment we take off our coats. Birds are bustling with straws and grasses and pieces of rush matting stolen from suburban patios to make their nests and already lambs are tottering across the meadows. 

The month is named after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, the sea and beauty and also Aprilis or Aphrilis, a goddess of the Etruscans, the people who once inhabited central Italy; she was associated with flowers and fertility.

Magically April promises love and fertility, creativity, increase in any aspect of life, especially health and money, for beauty, healing and happiness.

Asmodel, angel of harmony whose special colour is pink or green, whose fragrance is rose and whose crystal rose quartz, is the Angel of April. Never has harmony been more needed than this April in the war-torn world where millions are displaced from their homes and death and destruction rage through ravaged lands.

April too brings for many soaring energy costs where families must choose between eating and heating their homes, devastation in lands where there are floods and extremes of weather and where the pandemic still extends her tentacles across the world.

This is an Asmodel angel of harmony April ritual to call new life and  preserve belief, even where this seems hard to imagine. 

You will need :

Five pink candles along the base of the mirror so their light reflects in the mirror 

Timing :

Any time in April, for five days after dark.

The Ritual: 

  • On night 1 light the first left-hand candle.
  • Say: Asmodel Angel of Radiance, Let harmony and peace grow, as this candle glows,  Asmodel make this be, double the light,  let it be so.
  • Blow out the candle, sending light and peace and relief of suffering to all who need it.
  • On night 2, light the original candle and the next candle to its right repeating the words and actions.
  • On night 3 light three candles including the original ones repeating the words and actions.
  • On night 4 add the fourth candle to the three already lit, repeating the words and actions.
  • On night 5 when all five candles are alight say: Asmodel, as candles glow  may we know that hope will grow and new life flow, April welcome, welcome sun.
  • Let the candles burn through and plan some small but significant practical help if you can.

And so we greet April and look forward to brighter days in the world.

Happy Equinox
Saturday, March 19, 2022

Happy Equinox on Sunday March 20 at 15.33 UTC, the Spring or Vernal Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Autumn or Fall Equinox in the Southern world.

In spite of war, Covid, floods, intense storms, earthquakes, high prices and shortages, the human spirit of courage and kindness towards others daily shines. People open their homes and hearts to those in need as in the North the flowers push through the earth defiantly and in the South the earth yields her hard won harvest.

Every year banks of daffodils bloom between suburban houses near where I live, planted years ago by an old man who wanted to bring the beauty of the new season into the town. They are still tended in his memory.

Mother Nature turns the wheel of the year and spring with its new beginnings and autumn with its reconciliation of what did and did not thrive.

She reminds us now is the time at the turning of the year to make up that old quarrel next month, next year and speak the words of love and appreciation. Give flowers to a loved one now on the Equinox to bring and share their pleasure rather than waiting to make offerings one day to fade on a grave.

We should not give up on people or situations where there is still hope and love, or where we discovered we  are mortal, not angels or demons and so there can be forgiveness and understanding and new beginnings.

Wherever you live in the world on this Equinox, you might like to try this renewal of the home ritual to welcome the changing energies.

You will need:

A bowl of lavender, lilac or rose water or a floral fragrance diluted in a little water.


Any morning around the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere or the Autumn Equinox in the Southern hemisphere.

The Ritual:

  • Anoint each doorknob or handle in your home with a few drops of fragrance, starting from outside the front door and sprinkling a few drops on each external window ledge too, saying for each, Blessings on all, May sickness, misfortune and sorrow call here no more,  except to happiness do I bar every door. Let there be laughter, health and daily good cheer, bad luck and sadness depart now from here.
  • Go indoors, again anointing door handles starting inside the front door and ledges in every room, repeating the words.
  • Pour any fragrance that is left down a bathroom wash basin plughole, saying, Now, only goodness and good fortune dwell within. Blessings be on all who enter herein.

Happy, happy Equinox as equal day meets equal night and may by the time the next Equinox dawns six months from now, peace, health and enough for all have entered and remain in the world.