Wheel of the Year Readings

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Wheel of the Year Readings

IMPORTANT NOTICE: just for the time being, due to an extra-ordinary work load - I cannot take on any new readings. Thank you for understanding.

Wheel of the Year Reading
Each month, your year long reading will feature a variety of elements starting from the month after you book. The reading will describe the numerological energies around you each month, depending on your date and if known time of birth. Each month will feature the particular angels, crystals and fragrances associated with your birth date and anyone else in your life you ask about and will also include the angels associated with each calendar month and the zodiac sign associated with the full moon of that month. I will use crystals, runes, Tarot, God and Goddess cards and Tree staves or Egyptian tablets.

In addition we all have special questions and worries about the year ahead so express them in as much or little detail as you wish and I will focus especially but not exclusively upon these. Tell me whether you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere as this affects the energies. 

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My readings are what you could expect as if you were face to face with me and wanting a traditional reading except I work from a distance and from information you send me by email.

Readings range from £55 to £95 and take up to three weeks from date of ordering. They are very detailed, and I dedicate 100% of my time to concentrate on each reading which is then typed up and sent by email to you. 

I use a number of the following methods including numerology, angels, Tarot, runes, crystals, crystal ball, Tree Staves and Egyptian tablets, which I instinctively choosing the best to answer your questions. 

You can send me as much or as little information about yourself (and anyone else involved in the reading) as you wish. As we are not face to face, a little information is necessary for me to tune into your energies, such as your name and birth date and perhaps a photo of you and possibly of anyone you are also asking about, your birthplace, current home area, career and interests, hopes and fears. Obviously the more I have, the better I am able to answer your questions precisely. 

Other Readings available
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In Spirit: Cost £85

To order a reading 
Using the ORDER button will take you to the Ordering page:  add to cart and make payment using either a card or Paypal account if you have one, then EMAIL me with your details / questions using either the contact form on this site or by direct email.
Don’t forget to include your date of birth and/or that of the person or people in the reading request.Your details will only be kept for as long as it takes to do the reading. D.O.B is for the numerology aspects of the readings.
For all readings: Send your birth date and time (if known), the full name by which you are known by and original birth name as well as the birth dates and names of those in your world, partner, children or parents or anyone whom you would like (or not wish as part of your life any longer). These details are for any numerology aspects to your readings. 
Current lead time is 3-4 weeks to receive your reading by email – please ensure you have provided the correct email address during your payment process (especially if it is different than the one used on our Paypal account). Whitelist this email address: info @ cassandraeason . com and check your spam folder if your reading has not arrived before contact us.