Wednesday, December 1, 2021 december christmas 2021 cassandra eason

Happy December 2021, from Cassandra and Debi, a very special month of the year for it heralds in the Northern hemisphere the rebirth of the light at Midwinter and in the Southern World Midsummer, both Michael Archangel of the Sun times, so promising new beginnings, renewed hope and light even in the darkest hours, actual or emotional.

December is named after Decem the tenth month after New Year in the old Roman calendar and ten is traditionally the number of unity, first given significance by the Ancient Egyptian wife and husband pairing, Isis and Osiris, deities who promised to ordinary people love that could never be lost.

As the world heads into yet another wave of the pandemic and new variants threaten our lives and livelihoods, we need to use this special month to try to maintain high spirits in the face of diversity. Many of us have had our incomes seriously reduced by the effects of this pandemic and we are now facing an even bigger threat to our wellbeing - climate change. It is time to think less about commercialism and spending money on what are usually unwanted gifts that end up in landfill and more about what the real meanings of this time of year are - whatever your religion or culture. Use this time to communicate - that is one of the best gifts you can give when so many of us are isolated from our extended families. In this world of internet, emails, video calls etc. it's never been easier to keep in contact, yet many are still feeling alone and isolated. Make your gift this year one of talking, communicating and being there for one another even if at a distance.

Divorce and remarriage can cause huge rifts at this time of the year but especially for the sake of children gestures of friendship even if undeserved with an ex-partner, help the child not to feel torn loyalties in this month of anticipation. We can have second and third Christmases if children have to be with the other parent and each occasion can be as joyous.

Even if the light of family unity is brief it is a reminder that our greatest treasure is our loved ones and it is not about buying the most expensive present or producing a groaning table after hours in a kitchen hotter than Hell’s Mouth, rather getting in touch this month and saying, though we have different life views you are still my family or Let be past be laid to rest; if we have no family, friends who have become dear to us can become our focus of December unity. If there is someone at work you know will be alone extend an invitation for a pre-Christmas celebration and offer a small gift to be opened on Christmas Day-or better still set an extra place at the table.

Symbols of December include evergreen boughs especially pine or fir, small logs of wood especially oak, pine and ash, holly and ivy, gold coins and jewellery, silver and gold ribbons and baubles, tiny wrapped presents or messages offered spontaneously to say I appreciate you when people are getting fraught over the ever-burgeoning and unattainable media images of perfection.

December’s incenses, trees, flowers and herbs include bay, cedar, feverfew, frankincense and myrrh mixed, mistletoe, juniper, pine, rosemary, sage and all spices, poinsettias, scarlet and white flowers and rosemary.

Light candles in the evenings in white, scarlet, gold and purple and sit quietly in the candlelight with mobile phones on silent and electronic devices temporarily banished and tell children the old stories of Christmases from family legend.

If you do feel like the outcast of the family and dread Christmas try this. You can also do this spell on behalf of someone you fear will disrupt the family Christmas.

You will need:

Children’s play clay in any bright colour.

A tea light for each member of the family, in a circle.

A large green candle outside the circle for yourself (or the difficult person).


Any time in December.

The Spell:

  • Create a featureless clay figure for each member of the family, one set in front of each of the tea lights.
  • Say as you make each, Welcome me, don’t try to change me but love me as I am, as I will love you, my family.
  • Make a figure for yourself, setting it in front of the green candle.
  • Light the green candle and from it the tea lights clockwise saying, Do not reject me, Make me part of the family, don’t try to change me, but let me be, sharing the unity at this festive time and through the year, you who could become dear.
  • With the index finger of the hand you write with, touch the heart of each of the figures clockwise, repeating the first set of spell words for each, including your own figure.
  • Set your candle and figure in the centre, leaving the candles to burn.
  • Roll the clay figures including yours into a ball, saying All one family, I ask only you accept me and I will accept you, not just now but all the year through.
  • Bury the clay under a thriving tree or plant.