Full moon Leo February 5 at 18.28 UTC

Full moon Leo February 5 at 18.28 UTC

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Welcome to the Full Snow Moon in Leo on February 5 at 18,28 UTC (see Moon Phases 2023 – Lunar Calendar for UTC, Time Zone (timeanddate.com for the times in your region).

In the Norse world, the fusion of fire and ice brought creation into being. Not always an easy moon in colder climes, often called Snow Moon or Hunger Moon in parts of Native North America; yet the Tlingit named it Black Bear Moon because it is the time the cubs are born and  life stirs anew.

 In the modern world in both hemispheres right now there are hard  and sad times as the Snow Moon rises. But Verchiel, the golden joy bringer, and  Archangel angel of Leo, radiates sunbeams of promise to strengthen and illuminate the February Snow moon of the slowly rising year. In the Northern and Southern hemispheres alike, this moon and Leonine sun power, combine to melt emotional coldness and fears of pressing forward in uncertain times.

The fusion of the Snow moon with Leo’s brilliance, offers the dual incentive and energy for reaching out dynamically, harnessing this brief window of light and cosmic warmth. A good time for a job interview or promotion, a chance to shine in the workplace and overcome any challenges to your authority or identity. You can reduce too the negative effects of critical or emotionally draining people with the radiance of this Leo moon as the dual power flares greater than the separate energies.  

It may not yet be time for those bear cubs to explore the spring sunshine but they are growing stronger and the full Leo moon heralds brighter, lighter days around the corner.

Above all time for using those dual powers to overcome obstacles, stubborn people and those who refuse to let love and compassion warm their hearts. Alternatively focus on a global issue close to your heart.

  • Set a bowl containing a few ice cubes in the centre of a circle of alternate gold and silver (for the Leo full moon ) candles or tea lights. (Use white for both if you cannot obtain gold and silver),
  • Have six of each colour in the circle around the ice cubes in a warm room.
  • Light first a silver candle saying, 'Snow Moon' then a gold one saying, 'Power of the Sun' continuing round the circle lighting and naming  them until all twelve are lit.
  • Then move your writing hand clockwise and the other anti-clockwise in circles with your palms flat and facing down around the outside of the candle circle slowly, saying, 'May coldness melt, may anger cool and compassion and healing flow.'
  • Name the issue, clap your hands once high over the circle and say 'Let peace prevail.'
  • Leave the ice to melt and use the time for making an effort to resolve the issue.
  • When it is melted, pour the water outdoors if it will not freeze on the ground or under a running tap, saying, 'Flow and grow, it shall be so.'

May your Snow moon be the beginning of new happy times.

Photo: Pineapple Mango

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