Happy Full Hunter's Moon in Aries

Happy Full Hunter's Moon in Aries

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Happy Full moon in Aries on October 9 at 21.55 (see www.timeandate.com for the time and day in your region )

Called the Hunter’s Moon this full moon occurs the month after the Harvest full moon that is the full moon closest to the Autumn or Fall Equinox. The Hunter’s Moon gave extra light for hunters to track their prey before the winter, easier to see when the fields were cleared of the harvested crops. Called also Migrating Moon by the Cree people when birds fly south for the winter and Falling Leaves Moon by the Anishinaabe nation.

The Moon in Aries is a powerful moon offering personal courage in a troubled world, self-reliance and recovering energy and passion for life when it seems uncertain or unfair. Call on this Warrior Woman Moon if you suffer from bullying, aggressiveness and inertia or cynicism in others or see this in global affairs. Good too for defeating fears, phobias and destructive addictions in self or loved ones.

No denying these are hard times for many and so an Aries full moon is very welcome to give a rush of power and hope for those who feel they cannot go on. The Warrior Woman Moon declares, There is only victory for what is right, there can be only victory so don’t wait, don’t hesitate and then when the Hunters moon is spinning in the sky you will already be poised for the leap of a lifetime.

  • Light a dark blue candle and put a pinch of pepper in the flame saying, Defeat or holding back from life and love through fear of loss or failure is not an option.
  • Light a bright red candle from the blue one and add a pinch of salt to the flame saying, Burn bright and light the way to victory and glory. I take the power of the moon and shall not hesitate, need not wait. I make my Destiny; I am my Destiny.
  • Extinguish the blue candle and leave the red one to burn through in a safe place. As Aries moonlight pours full into your life, you too can blaze your trail of glory through the skies, even in the smallest of ways and so life with all our accumulated hopes burns brighter.

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