Happy full moon in Capricorn on July 3

Happy full moon in Capricorn on July 3

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Happy full moon on July 3 at 11.39 UTC in Capricorn with a favourable alignment to Jupiter and happy approaching Independence Day to my American friends.

This is the first of four Super-moons when the moon is nearer the earth than usual and may be seen shining longer and brighter than normal.

Called the Buck Moon, when antlers are fully grown and being tested against rivals to establish a place in the world for self and loved ones; equally appropriately it is called Thunder moon by the Western Abenaki and the Algonquin people, because of the fierce electrical storms that light the skies around this time. It is a busy month for nature, reflected in the names Salmon moon among the Tlingit nation when salmon return to the area, When chokeberries are ripe Moon by the Dakota people  and Month of the Ripe Corn by the Cherokee (see http://www. date and time.com for moon rise in your region).

A busy moon but  safe hands on the tiller, one where progress is marked by caution;  advancement thanks to Uncle Jupiter,  but making sure every step is walking on safe ground, realizing that we may make it after all if we don’t start rushing and losing sight of priorities and consequences.

I have been staying on a nature reserve, but unexpectedly became ill and so for the first time in months I have stopped and watched how the plants in front of my chalet open in the morning and close again mid -afternoon; no human intervention, no digital time pieces or schedules and deadlines, a  mini miracle of nature that I would not have noticed if I had not been stopped, but dashed by on my usual got to finish it all a day early and oh what a pretty place.

I have spent a few precious days with my  middle son who usually lives overseas and my younger precious daughter. My computer has been unopened and still the flowers open and close as the moon grows ever brighter and the days flow by totally unnoticing of my absence from the sentry post of life, The tree opposite is filled with white egret birds; the heron waits, poised in the shallows not wasting energy until it is time to swoop, not worrying about the calorie content of his catch and from which angle he looks most appealing - and should he have his feathers whitened a touch.

The full moon calls me home to rejoin the faster flowing stream of life, but the bright Capricorn moon shines on at a steadier pace, a reminder of the importance that we should stop and watch the flowers grow and close in their own unchanging cycle.

Happy Capricorn moon-days beneath the same moon that shines on us all and says there is always tomorrow.

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