Happy Full Moon in Gemini

Happy Full Moon in Gemini

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Happy Full Moon in Gemini on December 8 UTC at 04.08. the day before in some lands. It is called in Native North American tradition, Full Cold Moon or Long Nights’ Moon. As the last full moon before Winter Equinox, the Celts considered this a Mourning or Loss Moon, when the year and sun were dying.

As the year downturns towards Christmas in the Northern spheres and the rebirth of light and spins upwards for the grand solar finale of Midsummer in the Southern hemisphere, there is no denying Christmas will be hard for many this year with the financial crisis hitting many parts of the world - when putting on the heating may take second place to food on the table. For many too. no lavish gifts at a time ironically ruled by the Archangel of abundance Sachiel. 

Yet the Gemini moon talks of ingenuity and resourcefulness, of a time when more than ever family unity and family love should shine through in a much simpler but still merry Christmas. I am so very thankful that at nearly 75 I can still work to be warm, eat well and buy gifts for my grandchildren. But the greatest Christmas gift, one that cannot be bought in any store, is the restoration hopefully in time for Christmas of the health of someone dear to my heart and no gift on earth if that is granted, will be greater.

For stripped of the glitz and sometimes false glamor of Christmases past if we can look across the room at those we love, we know we who were lucky enough to survive the pandemic, can use our Gemini moon to help us express gratitude and an appreciation of family and friends and to share what we have with those who have not. The Gemini moon calls for our ingenuity, our resourcefulness to make a better world not just for the haves but so we can all walk in hope towards next year’s light. 

Happy Gemini Moon

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