Happy Full Moon in Leo

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Happy Full Snow moon in Leo on February 16 at 16.57 UTC, the fusion of fire and ice that in the Norse world brought creation into being.

Not always an easy moon in colder climes, often called Snow Moon or Hunger Moon in Native North America; yet the Tlingit named it Black Bear Moon because it is the time the cubs are born and so life stirs anew.

Verchiel, the golden joy bringer, radiating sunbeams, is hard on the heels of the hearts and roses of Valentine’s Day. He is the angel of this full moon; if like me your Valentine’s postbag consists of a takeaway pizza leaflet and an advert for half price double glazing, the golden Leonine moon surges forward with power and courage; a reminder that as long as we value ourselves we can attain what constitutes for us happiness, success and fulfilment; whether this is hearts and roses, fame and fortune or an awareness you like who you are and what you are right now- and that the approval of others is a bonus not a necessity.

A powerful moon for reaching out dynamically and without doubt or fear of failing or falling, after so many dress rehearsals and maybe tomorrows.

A good time to apply for a job interview or promotion, a chance to shine in the workplace and overcome any challenges to your authority or identity. You can reduce the negative effects of critical or emotionally draining people with the radiance of this moon.

Try this ritual for whatever you most want to attain. All things are possible if we dare to dream and then strive without ceasing or doubt to make that dream a reality in our life.

  • Light a gold candle for the Leo influence and a silver one for the full moon.
  • Surround them with nine coins of any denomination, alternately gold and silver coloured (five gold and four silver).
  • Pick up each coin in turn, moving clockwise round the coin circle and pass it close first around the silver and then gold candle, saying for each, Gold and silver to me come, Silver of the Moon and gold of the Sun. That I may shine brilliant as you, And fortune in my life daily renew (name what you most want in your life to achieve by the time the next Full Moon in Leo returns ). Golden sun, let my talents shine, power of the silver radiance, make the future mine.
  • Now collect all the coins and shake them nine times in your open cupped hands, saying nine times, Gold and silver shall be won, Silver of the Moon and gold of the Sun, Into my life my own  power I call, And to succeed I will give my all.(name again what you most want in your life to fulfil).
  • At the end of the final chant blow out the candles fast saying Gold and silver have I won, silver of the Moon and gold of the Sun, Sun and Moon shine down on me, That good fortune I shall draw to me. And even as the moon does wane, In my own light I shall remain.
  • Take the first step to your fulfilment. Give the coins to charity.

Happy Moonday.




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