Happy full Moon in Taurus

Thursday, November 18, 2021 Beaver moon in Taurus November 2021

Happy full Moon in Taurus on November 19 at 0.8.59 UTC It is a deep partial eclipse, (seen overnight on 18th for North America).

97% of the moon will be covered and its darkened state with silvery crescent visible over much of the globe;, a good chance to shed what is not working in our lives and greet the new beginnings, embracing our own light as the moon re-emerges to fullness (see www.timeanddate.com for times in your region and https://earthsky.org for full details of the eclipse).

This moon is called by the Algonquin nation and others, Full Beaver Moon or Full Frost Moon., as the beavers dig their winter dams and we draw breath wherever we live in the world for Thanksgiving and Yule. They will be different this year as the world yo-yos open and closed and the pandemic ebbs and surges.. The sparkly Christmas lights seem more subdued, the canned supermarket carols muted, as we sit on the floor of the world and put the jigsaw of living back together; gluing what is broken and accepting what we replace for pieces gone forever, will change the shape of our lives for many years ahead.

But a time of hope to start again with clean canvas and new brushes to paint what now can be the picture of our future.

A good chance to rethink the festive season and take it back to people, not the latest gadgets; rather trying to mend fractured family bridges and recreate the wonder of the return of light for the children but in a more considered way where happiness and sharing glitter as the new Christmas centrepiece.

The angel of this full moon is Asmodel, angel of beauty surrounded by pink rays who helps us to create what is of worth in every sphere of our lives. She offers us persistence when the going is tough, patience, reliability, loyalty and stability. The message of this moon is to value whom we are, what we have achieved that we consider worthwhile and what really no longer matters-and maybe never did.

The festivals of light will shine on hearts this year with offerings of giving time, care and not the shiny pile of soon to be torn off and abandoned wrapping paper.
What lasts, what is of lasting value are the real gifts, muting the voices of those who make us feel bad, guilty, over-responsible for their well-being or who put down our enthusiasm, spontaneity and shared joy with sour looks and with cynicism dampen our proffered joy.

Feeling tired, drained or inwardly resentful may not be your hormones or a sugar low but someone taking advantage of your good nature. For energy vampires have the sugariest sweet smiles and make you feel that you are treading on the head of a baby rabbit if you say no to their intrusions or poor little me demands.

If you do doubt your own value or you are in an environment where others constantly put you down, use the eclipse energies to shed any self-doubt and emerge like that full moon confident and strong of your right to your place under sun and moon.

  • Light a candle before the eclipse and as the moon darkens (use a web cam if you can’t see it) sprinkle salt in the flame and say So do I shed all self-doubt and the doubts imposed on me by others.
  • Extinguish the candle and as the light returns relight it and sprinkle salt in the flame, saying Burn bright and light the way to happiness. I greet the approaching season of light and take it within me.

Use this moon to feel and embrace the radiance and harmony surging within and through you as you smile from your heart and walk strong in your own beauty and your light.

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