Happy full moon in Virgo

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy full moon in Virgo on March 18 at 07.07 UTC marking the movement towards spring in the northern hemisphere. Called Eagle Moon or Crow Comes Back Moon among the Northern Ojibwe nation and Sugar Moon when the maple sap begins to flow by other Native North American people, the Virgo moon is a symbol of returning life. We are not quite there, because the first full moon after the Spring Equinox that determines Easter, the Paschal Moon is still a whole moon month away, but the energies are rising and with it hope and relief much needed in the troubled world.

At this time when so many people have lost their homes and are fleeing the horrors of the war in Ukraine, remain defending all they hold dear or caring for relatives too frail to be moved, we daily see the innate goodness of humankind who are opening their hearts and homes to the dispossessed.

As well as doing something practical to send aid however small, the Virgo moon energies remind us to be grateful for our own safe homes, our families, forgetting the petty irritations and niggling injustices that too often preoccupy the care that should flow from our hearts like the returning maple sap.

In the daily world the Virgoan full moon is the moon of health and healing, of striving for perfection, for completing any detailed matters and checking small print, for finding new employment especially if you have been jobless for a while, for developing skills with crafts, for gardening and protecting the environment and for keeping to diets and sensible exercise regimes, not extreme but gentle actions such as walking, swimming or cycling so you feel fit, harmonious and balanced.

Lady Moon in Virgo will also assist in reducing the effects of chronic illness or pain and any form of addiction, phobias or compulsion, for helping children or adults to become more coordinated and feel less self-conscious, for learning about natural remedies and removing the effects of the toxins of daily life from your body.

The full moon in Virgo is ruled by Hamaliel the angel of perfection who tells you not to judge yourself too harshly or put in 300% of the input at work and home especially if others are not grateful and take advantage of your conscientiousness. Above all make this the month when you refuse to accept second best in any part of your life, rather strive for the best and in return ask for the best from others.

As we try in small practical ways to send aid to our suffering brothers and sisters, we can also combine our blessing energies for those showing immense courage or to the bewildered children and older folk seeking comfort in unfamiliar lands, a reminder of the innate goodness of humankind to open hearts and homes to the dispossessed.

You will need
Three white candles of ascending sizes set in a row, smallest to the left.

  • Light the smallest candle, saying, each day I send strength and stability.
  • Light Candle 2 from 1, saying that each day protection of the innocents may be.
  • Light Candle 3 from 2, saying each day restore the broken lands to unity.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of salt into each flame, saying for Candle 1 Cleansed be.
  • For Candle 2 say, That we may see,
  • For Candle 3, Recovery.
  • Hold your hands towards the candles, palms down, fingers together, then touch your heart, saying, So do I send from my heart, strength, protection ,recovery, let this be..
  • Blow out the candles in reverse order, saying, And though the losses and destruction cannot be undone, let peace, new life and rebuilding come
  • Leave the salt to absorb sorrow and throw it away the same night before bed.
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