Happy Full Sturgeon moon in Aquarius on August 1

Happy Full Sturgeon moon in Aquarius on August 1

Monday, July 31, 2023

Happy Full Sturgeon moon in Aquarius on August 1 at 18.32 pm UTC ( Moon Phases 2023 – Lunar Calendar for UTC, Time Zone (timeanddate.com). Following on its heels is a second moon on August 30. Both are supermoons so prepare for a powerful lunar period ahead when emotions and intuitions may be the wisest guide.

Called also Flying up moon among the Cree nation when young birds are ready to fly or Corn Moon by the Algonquin and  Ojibwe people marking the harvest.

A supermoon is so called because it appears larger and brighter than normal as it passes closest to the earth. The name Sturgeon Moon recalls the giant prehistoric long living fish, dating back 200 million years, some of whom may sutvive up to 150 years. Once sturgeon were plentiful at the time of this moon in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain and though in smaller numbers today, still herald the coming of the harvest.

The full moon in Aquarius is one that moves life forward in unique ways, furthering original ventures, bringing the success of cherished inventions and money-spinning schemes, that are more likely to succeed than under almost any other full moon of the year.

The Aquarian full moon is good also for developing or rekindling friendships pushed into the background by time or circumstances and for exploring or learning alternative medicine and moderate sustainable changes in lifestyle to bring us back into harmony with ourselves.

This is a very balanced moon, replacing dramatic pronouncements in a world that may seem to be tipping out of control and blame games, with thoughtful new perspectives that acknowledge that there are no instant fixes to problems caused by humankind’s misjudgement, as some parts of the world battle extreme temperatures, wildfires and floods.

 The sturgeon has in her long time on earth seen many sorrows, witnessed many tragedies, attributed to/ God, the Goddess or uncaring humankind. She survives though in far fewer numbers than when the moon was first given this name and so will we,  reminder of what is enduring and worthwhile. For above all this moon says we are one world, one people and collective sharing and caring must replace competition and fighting for scarcer resources, wars for possessing what belongs to Mother Earth, increasing poverty and spiralling climate change, few whose catastrophic effects can now be denied. 

 Light three dark blue candles in diminishing sizes, one on each night as the moon passes full, asking Cambiel the Aquarian global guardian angel who tries to protect us against our own mistakes, Guard the vulnerable from our self- inflicted sorrows, restore moderation , bring relief on the new morrow. May the good days for which we yearn, through shared endeavours once more return. Leave each candle to burn through  safely on its own night and continue with new candles through the waning moon if you wish.

May this moon restore balance so we greet the Pisces full moon less than a calendar month away, with hopeful energies for new beginnings and uniting what seem opposing perspectives in cooperation.

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