Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces

Sunday, September 19, 2021
Full Moon in Pisces
illustration: cw-artworks


Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces on September 20 at  23.54 UTC.(check www.time and for moonrise and precise day in your own region)

The Harvest Moon is calculated as that closest to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and  traditionally rises soon after sunset, being sufficiently bright in the early evenings for  several days to harvest the crops.

No time is the Harvest Moon more welcome than as we try to recapture joy in the smallest ways and give thanks for what we have as the foundation for a maybe different but worthwhile future.

The lovely flowing Pisces Full Moon  promises where there is sorrow there will follow joy-and yes, of course more tears, but then laughter again, as we inevitably learn to live with uncertainty, but not let it blight our future or hold us back from welcoming new ventures.

There are no guarantees of forever, says this moon, no instant cures or promises there will be no more sickness; even so there is no certainty for the butterfly enjoying every moment of the lingering light, no surety the planted seeds will grow or the harvest be rich and ripe, as we add effort, perseverance and more than a pinch or two of faith into the mix.

For we cannot hold back because of fear, though many have of necessity learned wise caution. On this moon we must drink deep of life and squeeze every moment of pleasure and treasure the precious moments and pick ourselves up again and again and again, knowing we can thrive once we have learned to survive.

Lady Moon helps us to overcome the rivalries of people or conflicting demands and loyalties pulling us in different directions. There is enough love for all, for life is a rich stew and -the more that is added the more delectable it becomes, not like a cake to be portioned and fighting over crumbs. This moon reconciles quarrels, illuminates the plight of the hungry children, families living in one room or a high- rise block of flats where they fear for their safety, for the lonely, for those older folk who need practical help to keep their independence and those who do not understand convention but live by the ethics of what feels honourable.

Opposite the Sun in Virgo is holding with difficulty the kite string of this wayward moon as Ms. Virgo demands perfection, attention to detail, to condition our hair and check the on- line balance of cosmic credits. But the Pisces moon says that is for tomorrow and soon Libra will carry the moon cheerfully through the wane, offering choices and alternatives and reminding the moon she will once more grow and be radiant.

Tonight, we can dance in the silver moonlight offering our all and asking nothing but the joy of the moment.


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