Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces

Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces

Friday, September 9, 2022

Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces on September 10 at 09.58 UTC (check www.timeanddate,com for moonrise and precise day in your own region)

The Harvest Moon is calculated as the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern hemisphere. It rises soon after sunset, being sufficiently bright in the early evenings to harvest the crops. In many South- East Asia and Far Eastern lands this mid-Autumn festival is celebrated with moon cakes and lanterns sent skywards to give power and ask for wishes on the moon,

An uncertain harvest in times of energy and food price crises in many lands, ongoing wars and extreme floods following unseasonable heatwaves. We reap what we sow is a traditional saying and what has not flourished can’t be offloaded on malevolent deities or random misfortune, but our own neglect and squandering of resources. Never has it been more important to plant more wisely and thoughtfully so we do not destroy the earth that sustains us, but regenerate, nourish and respect her enduring bounty.

The lovely flowing Pisces Full Moon says there are not once and for all instant fixes, just as there is no certainty for the butterfly enjoying every moment of the last lingering light. We cannot hold back because of fear, though many have of necessity learned wise caution. As this moon spreads her light over the world, she illuminates the dark corners of indifference and prejudice and sparkles over unconsidered or dismissed opportunities.

Lady Moon helps us to overcome rivalries, conflicting demands or loyalties pulling us in different directions. Those differences do not mean that we must destroy what does not fit in with our world view, but consider the validity of alternative viewpoints and lifestyles-if necessary, fighting with words not weapons

Tomorrow is time enough to assess our personal and collective harvest, make necessary changes and set right  maybe blinkered misconceptions. But for now, dance in the silver moonlight, asking nothing in return, but the joy of the moment.

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