Happy July' 13 full moon in Capricorn

Happy July' 13 full moon in Capricorn

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Happy July' 13 full moon in Capricorn, the Buck Moon, reaching its peak at 18:38 UTC on Wednesday. It will also appear bright and full from July 12 to July 14, because for the third month in a row, the full moon rises as a supermoon when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth (see http://www. date and time.com for moon rise in your region).

Next month's Sturgeon Moon, which on August 11, will be the final supermoon of the year and so we are in the process of moving to a lunar crescendo of power.

We welcome that power and stability in these insecure uncertain times , but also need restraint in using that power wisely rather than locking horns where people’s needs get lost in the discordant symphony of rights and wrongs.

The Buck Moon marks when antlers are fully grown and being tested against rivals to establish a place in the world for self and loved ones.. Equally appropriately it is called Thunder moon by the Abenaki and the Algonquin people, because of the fierce electrical storms that light the skies around this time.

Therefore, though we might regard a Capricorn Moon as a stable full moon, its power and determination, some might say stubbornness., must strive for victory and justice without destructive head to head combat.

It is a time of wars, the still present pandemic, of the de-seating of the UK Prime Minister whatever the rights and wrongs and locking of antlers for his successor when we need most stability in the world. A time of industrial unrest however justifiable, of food shortages and rocketing food, energy and fuel costs, that affect most adversely the vulnerable. The combative aspects of this moon should not be underestimated. Yet this moon advises negotiations rather than threats, moderation and consideration of the old, the young, the sick, the disabled, seeing if we can shield them from the worst effects of industrial and international unrest.

If you need stability and the regrowth of resources, love or trust, shaken by conflict, perhaps beyond your control, try this ritual on any of the days around the Capricorn full moon.

You will need:

A small round black stone and a similar white one; a small drawstring bag.

  • After dark, close your hands around the dark stone and say, Wise Mother Moon, as you reach your height, I give to you this burden ( or name those most suffering) I can no longer carry, asking you to transform it in your own time and way., that we may know resolution and peaceful solutions, more each day.
  • Bury the stone or crystal in the ground or a plant pot, saying, Kind Mother Moon I wrap this burden in your dark warm cloak of night and offer it to your sister, Mother Earth, that she, peace and stability will rebirth.
  • Now wash your hands and using your power hand (the one you write with), hold the white stone up to the moon and say: Blessed am I by Mother Moon who will bring stability and harmony, as we stand beneath the same moon I ask, bring peace soon.
  • Carry your white stone in a bag until you feel completely free and then cast it in flowing water.

Happy Capricorn moon-days and may we discover by her light we all on the same side.

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