Happy November 2021

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Named after Novem, the ninth month in the old Roman calendar, November should not be thought of as a month for discarding the ashes of the passing year, rather of seeing what still stirs and can be revived or rekindled in new ways.

November is not for waiting, rather for preparation, brainstorming, making plans for replacing the old and redundant with the new and potentially promising; for cherishing too and paying more attention to what is still precious.

Time first however for completion of tiresome tasks, irksome duties and clearing the decks; then come the First Footing of New Year just the other side of the tinsel, we can make 2022 a personal statement of new strength, determination and purpose; knowing we have to make the here and now of meaning- and so we can’t wait or hesitate but use November to brainstorm the gameplan, fine tune the schedule, rehearse the steps to be taken as the New Year bells chime out more poignantly in 2022 -and yet more hopeful than before
What we want and need from life may be very different from the pre-recorded script we sometimes followed before the pandemic shook our slumbers; now we can rewrite the story in which we star, even if circumstances are difficult, choosing those loved ones we want to welcome into our lives to walk beside us; what revive from the ashes of the fire of the passing year to blaze again.

The angel of November is Adnachiel the Voyager, the angel of learning and exploration with bright yellow robes. He says there are new things to learn, new places to explore as the world open again, albeit slowly and most importantly the expansion of our horizons; so whatever the circumstances, we paint our own canvas of the future in rainbow brilliance and do not take no nor it’s not possible for an excuse as we forge fearlessly forward to what constitutes our personal victories

The crystals that are lucky and powerful in November are yellow topaz, ruby and turquoise.

November fragrances are sage and sandalwood.
Its colour is bright yellow or turquoise blue.

November flowers are the chrysanthemum, red to honour the living and especially our mothers and white for the deceased and of course the red poppy of remembrance.

Finally, here is a November ritual to create that future according to your own blueprint and seize your destiny with courage and confidence.

You will need
A bright yellow candle for Adnachiel.
A blue pen and white paper on which you have written anything you wish or need to leave behind, what you vow to cherish more and what strive to attain
A magnet and box of pins.

Any time in November.

  • The Spell
    Light the candle saying, Adnachiel, Angel of Growth who turns disadvantage to welcome opportunity, assist me in my endeavours, Let changes advantageous be, That I may survive and also thrive. And fulfilment in the months ahead flow to me.
  • Spread the pins over the paper saying Changes they will come, Bringing exciting uncertainty, help me Adnachiel, Angel of New Ventures, advantage draw to me.
  • Gather the pins using the magnet and return them to the box saying, Adnachiel, Angel of Adventure, expanding horizons do I see, I welcome change as you arrange, Through November skies to grow more wise, And shine gloriously.
  • Leave the candle to burn, then fold the words, put the paper in the box of pins and keep pin box and magnet open where the sun or morning light will shine. If you doubt reread your blueprint to remind yourself what will be attained.

Happy November.



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