Happy Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who do not have partners, on the day of love when it seems the whole world walks two by two. Look into the mirror and know you are no better nor worse than those, knee deep in scarlet silk hearts and ruby rose bouquets.

You are yourself, whether you are alone by choice or circumstance, a unique complete person, worthy of admiration, respect, congratulations that you care for yourself and perhaps many others with different forms of love.

I did once get a reduced supermarket Valentine bear on February 15 from an ex who left the reduced- price tag entangled with the fraying ribbon.

And Terry the milkman the first man ever to propose and in hindsight my best offer I ever had, composed me a poem with the immortal lines And if you die and go to hell, I will follow you as well, for I love you and you love me, And I will bring you morning tea.

We solos are of great significance on this day on the day of lovers, no less than as on every day. Buy yourself flowers, a ring to wear on your heart finger to say I am complete in myself, not just an unfinished half.

Treat yourself to a special meal with friends, family, children, grandchildren, your pets or alone and eat both desserts; drink a toast to the power of love that makes the world go round, your world. Hold your head high, wear your brightest outfit, smile at all you see and wish them Happy Valentine. The circle of love is inclusive, totally embracing and even if love comes by next Valentine Day, you will be no more precious than you are this day, this moment, who walk in the radiance of your own beauty and goodness.

Happy, happy day xx


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