Thursday, September 30, 2021
Welcome to October - illustration by cw-artworks
Illustration by cw-artworks

Welcome to October and to what we hope and must believe will be the doorway to a better, safer, more prosperous and healthy future wherever in the world we greet the new month.

Named after Octo which was the eighth month in the old Roman calendar after New Year, October is associated with turning financial loss to financial advantage through ingenuity and hard work.

It is a month for discovering the truth, especially about old secrets, visiting places to which you feel spiritually drawn, ending with as little hurt as possible relationships going nowhere fast; time for negotiating peaceful legal separations, divorces and terminating outworn contracts, for starting again in a new place or career finding your soul mate or reviving an intense relationship that has cooled but is based in deep feelings- and above all for striving for what you really want and may be just about possible.

Good also for success in competitions and games of chance, for reaping rewards of earlier efforts, for money and property matters, speculation and learning new skills and technology.

In October, avoid repeating past mistakes, embarking on extreme exercise regimes or crash diets and sulking in your man or woman cave instead of sharing your feelings with someone who can help you find the way..
The angel of October is Bariel or Baruel, the Wise One and angel of small miracles who wears the colours of sunset.

Bariel offers us the ability to transform self and situations, the power to start over again or revive a stagnant situation and protects against spite, jealousy and gossip.

His candle colour is indigo or burgundy, which is also the colour of October.

Bariel’s crystals and the crystals of October are fiery obsidian, black pearl and blue aqua aura, quartz bonded with gold.

Bariel’s fragrances and the fragrances of October are mimosa, pine and mint.

If you need urgent help and there seems no way through, light an indigo candle and say eight times, Bariel, angel of small miracles, bring the small miracle I do desire (name what you need for yourself and what will be of benefit to others you know are struggling) and I will do good in the world. Leave the candle to burn through.

We cannot put aside the sorrows and the problems caused by the pandemic but by the time we bid farewell to October we can on All Hallows Eve as the scary masks and spooky outfits are brought out once more, take a moment to ask the blessings of our ancestors whose Eve in an older tradition this is, to keep us safe and grant enough for our needs in the months ahead.

Light Bariel candles for those known and unknown lost to the pandemic and look through the darkness to the light ahead. We cannot, no matter how much we plea bargain with passing angels and deities, return to the world as it was before. We can fashion a future more beautiful, caring and thoughtful in the spiritually glorious October days.

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