Welcome to the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

Welcome to the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Welcome to the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio on May 5 at 17.34 ,as it was named by the Ojibwe people of the Great Lakes and the Algonquin nations. To the Cree people it signifies the Leaf Budding Moon and Planting Moon among the Lakota. It is the time in the Northern hemisphere when the flowers and trees are blossoming. (see www.moongiant.com/moonphases/may/2023 for precise full moon times in your location).

This moon coincides with a Penumbral lunar eclipse which begins a minute before full moon, when the moon darkens but does not completely disappear. This occurs because the Sun, Earth and Moon are imperfectly aligned. When this happens, the moon moves through the faint outer part of earth’s shadow, the penumbra, making this eclipse difficult to distinguish from a normal full moon.. However, the eclipse energies are present, are different and this is an excellent time for accepting imperfections in ourselves and others. An opportunity too to acknowledge though life and relationships may be less than perfect, if we cannot change others we can move into our own light and not be overshadowed  with false guilt or obligation. For the full moon in Scorpio is the moon of growth and transformation.

The angel of this shimmering moon, Bariel, angel of small miracles, promises life will turn around and after the eclipse, even if not the great glorious show which we had anticipated, offers the Scorpion intensity to seize what we really want, to be courageous and act upon imperfections we can reject or strive to put right, not least within ourselves.

  • Light a purple candle, holding a deep purple crystal or a dark colored stone to its light saying If life cannot be what it was before, I will no longer knock on locked and barred doors.
  • Light a grey candle, holding a grey crystal or stone to its light, saying Yet shall I fulfil a different destiny, Bariel, angel of small miracles, Lend determination to me.
  • Light a white candle, holding a white crystal or stone to it, saying A talisman of future days, A charm to guide me to more fruitful ways.
  • Extinguish the purple candle, burying the purple stone.
  • Blow out the grey candle, tossing the grey stone into the air in an open space.
  • Leave the white candle burning and carry the white crystal as a talisman.

 Happy Scorpio transformation

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