Welcome to the Full Hunter's Moon

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Hunters moon
Image by PrettySleepy

Happy Hunter’s Moon in Aries, so named because it was a time when the moon was bright enough to go hunting before the winter on October 20 at  14.56 UTC.

Indeed, the moon will appear full for about three days around this like the preceding full Harvest Moon and so we will receive a triple infusion of Arian courage and determination.

Time to go hunting for the life we are slowly rebuilding. The  Algonquin nations call this as well as Hunter’s Moon, the Travel Moon or  Dying Grass Moon; time then to assess where and why, when and if we need or even want to travel as the world  opens again, if we need a house move or if one has been forced on us by economics how we can make viable options work for us.

Though in the dying grass we may mourn what has been lost, the Arian moon firmly focuses on the closing months of the year, punctuated by the festivals promising the return of light in November/December in many cultures

In the northern hemisphere where the nights are getting darker the temporary extra days of brighter moonlight are a promise if we just keep walking towards that light, the springtime will return.

However, as we open our front door post pandemic lockdown, we may find some folks haven’t moved on at all from the spiteful plait pulling or tipping our lunch on the play-yard floor.

If you suffer still from bullying, aggressiveness or jealousy in others whatever your age or position, the  Moon in Aries offers courage, action, assertiveness and self-confidence that changes victim to victor who can walk away head held high without the need for revenge.

A moon good too if your job disappeared or you don’t want to go back on the treadmill  for offering self- reliance, self-–employment, independent ventures, major life changes; that dream discarded as impractical may now form the basis for a successful business given a new post Covid gap in the market.

Meet ultimatums and even threats head on, not letting the 2am scary spooks in your head hold you back from taking or perhaps reclaiming what is rightfully yours and that includes respectful treatment. There is only victory, there can be only victory so don’t wait, don’t hesitate and when that Arian moon is spinning in the sky you will  be poised for the leap of a lifetime.

Light a dark blue candle and put a pinch of pepper in the flame saying, Defeat or holding back from life and love through fear of loss or failure is not an option.

Light a bright red candle from the blue one and add a pinch of salt to the flame saying, Burn bright and light the way to victory and glory. I take the power of the full moon and shall not hesitate, need not wait. I make my Destiny, I am my Destiny.

Extinguish the blue candle and leave the red one to burn while you tackle some of those 2 am fears. Then as the Aries moonlight pours full into your life, you too can blaze your trail of glory through the skies.

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