Welcome to the full moon in Aries

Welcome to the full moon in Aries

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

on Friday September 29 at 9.57 UTC.

Called the harvest moon because it is the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox, the first full moon of Autumn or Fall in the Northern hemisphere and Spring in the Southern (see www.timeanddate.com for moon rise in your location), a moon not of endings, but of assessing what has and can still be attained by the next harvest moon, twelve months on.

The harvest moon rises at sunset and is traditionally called the harvest moon because in the time of pre-artificial lighting and still in some remote places,  it was sufficiently bright on several days afterwards and just before,  to illuminate the harvesting of the crops.  

Shine on harvest moon says the old song my mother used to play on her ever more scratchy record through the years on the wind up- gramophone, though the nearest harvest offering was a sliced white loaf from Mrs Brown’s corner store.

A dynamic harvest moon in Aries, allowing no excuses for what did not grow or fell too early from the tree.  We may have suffered misfortune or setback in the tending of our dreams and desires but must try harder is the message scrawled across our proudly written certificate of achievement.

For the full Moon in Aries is a hard task schoolmistress, seeking no excuses, offering no consolation or excess praise,  but challenging us to make the most of what we have and have achieved or which might with a dose of realism need more endeavour as the basis for future attainment. A powerful moon offering and demanding courage, action, self-reliance, independence, a reality check and above all generating or regenerating energy and passion for life though our own endeavours, in spite of what life gifts us or snatches away.

 If you suffer from bullying, aggressiveness and inertia or cynicism in others, this is the moon that says, No, Hey I do mind and Back off. The justice and fair play aspects of its solar partner Libra make this moon supportive of all those who live under harsh regimes, lack equality and human rights-and personally for anyone trapped in an abusive or destructive situation. Good too for defeating fears, phobias and destructive addictions in self or loved ones.

Hit ultimatums and even threats head on, not letting the 2am scary spooks in dark corners hold you back from taking or reclaiming what is rightfully yours, rejoicing in what you have achieved, being kind to yourself about what did not work out and demanding respectful treatment. Build on what you have and whom you are and follow the moonlight towards what you still can be.

Shine on, harvest moon and may the harvest of your life be ever more satisfying through the years.

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