Welcome to the Full Moon in Libra

Welcome to the Full Moon in Libra

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

on April 6 at 4.34 am UTC (see https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/ for the full moon rise in your location) as the sun passes through Aries.

Today as I write the sun and moon are both in the sky, in harmony, neither competing to outshine the other or usurp the other’s place in the cosmos. Rather Aries gives power to the balance of Libra and the full moon is a reminder that inner change is as important and may be necessary before outer - action or words.

Though the moon shines golden this is called the Pink Moon after the pink blooms of a wildflower in eastern North America, the moss phlox or moss pink. Among the Algonquin people the moon is named Breaking Ice moon as frozen streams start to melt, and among the Dakota the Moon when the geese begin laying eggs. This is a reminder of the first eggs after winter placed on the shrine of Ostara the Norse Goddess of spring on the Spring Equinox - or according to Eastern European tradition eggs decorated by the Virgin Mary to delight baby Jesus.

The pink moon is this year the Paschal Full Moon, marking the first Sunday after the full moon after Spring Equinox as Easter Sunday. A time then for regeneration, rebirth and growth to replace decay and what has been lost or destroyed or perhaps needed to be released. A clean page, a clear slate and as we sharpen our pencils and wonder what we could or should write, time for the Libran reflection so the future is dynamic, creative but above all based in resolution not conflict.

Ostara, Norse Goddess of Spring in some myths, created her snow hare from a frozen dove she found in the snow with the message to run swift, seek that new beginning - and those lands where the Easter rabbit hides the chocolate eggs to be hunted  by children and adults alike is a reminder of this optimism. For much to be discovered, uncovered, rewritten or written for the first time and that blank paper to be filled with plans and hopes and promises.

Balanced Libra ruled by wise angel Zuriel assures us we can find a way through dark times; for under the pink moon throughout the ages, other dire, dangerous situations have been illuminated by the shimmering moonbeams of kindness, not of the great and inglorious, but ordinary people who reach hands across the sea or in the next street to those who have nothing or experience dire loneliness, conflict and loss. Then one day when the words on the blank paper become action, all can have a safe home, free from weapons and hunger and children can run free and laugh once more.

Shine on lovely moon, already awaiting her grand entrance, grant us the light to create and recreate the beauty as sun and moon greet each other across the sky.

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