Welcome to the full moon in Taurus

Welcome to the full moon in Taurus

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Welcome to the full moon in Taurus on October 28 at 20.24 UTC. It is the Hunter’s Moon that rises around the same time for a few nights around full moon; look for it on 27th. If you live in another time zone your full moon may fall on 27th (see www.timeandate.com for the precise full moon time in your region)

There is also a shallow partial eclipse, visible from East Americas, Europe, Africa, and most of Asia, beginning at 19.34 UTC. Wherever you live you can tap into this most powerful cosmic time of endings followed by beginnings. The main part of the eclipse will be seen around 20.15 UTC and the end of the partial eclipse is 20.52. UTC. If you want to be more accurate and include the preceding and closing of the penumbral eclipse times that occur either side of the partial eclipse, as the moon passes though the faint outer shadow of the earth, called the penumbra, consult the eclipse section on www. time and date.com.

Perhaps never has the world so much needed the harmonising energies of Mother Moon Taurus to actively seek peace and harmony in the present war-ripped world.  She waits patiently, assuring us that by the time the Gemini Moon Mother graces the sky, there can be at least some resolution, compromise, positive change. But for now, the Hunter’s Moon will seek tirelessly to bring the right solutions so families in these war-riven lands can live without fear and daily danger, of death, injury, lack of water, food, that we can rebuild the damaged lands, not see them reduce them to rubble and that children may laugh again and play in the streets unharmed. You may like to try this ritual wherever you live in the world.

You will need

A silver candle

A dark-colored candle


If you cannot see the eclipse, use a web cam or estimate approximate timings from just before the partial eclipse until the moon reappears in the sky.

The Ritual

Light the silver candle as the moon starts to disappear(as the penumbral shadow or the partial eclipse begins) and say, Lady Moon, as you wait patiently in the shadows, may pain and suffering cease, for like you I believe light will return along with peace.

When the moon is partially eclipsed or sooner if you wish light the dark coloured candle from the silver one saying Pain and destruction no longer be, Eclipsed in darkness and set free.

Blow softly into first the silver and then the dark-coloured candle, repeating the words for each candle.

If you have time to wait till the penumbral shadow has left the moon - or the partial eclipse is ending, spending the time planning something or some small way you can assist local destitute families of whom there are many everywhere or sending aid to whoever is in need, especially the innocent children of the world.

When full moonlight is restored, extinguish the dark colored candle saying Eclipsed in darkness may sorrows be.

Leave the silver candle to burn through safely.

May you have enough for your needs and a little more and peace in your home and land.

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