Welcome to the Full moon in Virgo

Welcome to the Full moon in Virgo

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Welcome to the Full moon in Virgo on March 7 at 12.40 UTC (see Moon Phases 2023 – Lunar Calendar for UTC, Time Zone (timeanddate.com)

It is the moon that precedes the Spring Equinox  and is closest to the Spring Equinox, called the Lenten Moon, the last moon of winter before the  dawning of the spring. For the following full Moon on April 6 is the Paschal Moon, the first moon after the Spring Equinox so determining the date of Easter which is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

The Virgoan Moon is a farewell  to winter, actual in the Northern hemisphere and symbolic in the Southern. Other names for this moon include Sugar Moon among the Ojibwe people when the sap of sugar maples starts to flow or Goose Moon among the Algonquin and Cree nations marking the return of the geese after their winter migration, speaking of revival, renewal and the continuing of life, not easy but another chance to get it right. 

Even more realistically is the Winds Blows strong moon, so named in the Pueblo culture, marking the heralding of the freshness and challenges of the new season. This mirrors the old superstition that if March weather enters like a lamb, she will end the month roaring like a lion and vice -versa.

A time for tidying up after the winter, determining that we need and want to take forward with us into the next season, recycling what is no longer relevant, useful or beneficial. Lady Virgo looks into every dusty corner to see what we are concealing in case just one day it might find a purpose but somehow never does.

At this time so many people have lost their homes fleeing the horrors of the war who remain defending all they hold dear or caring for relatives too frail to be moved; those too who have suffered from earthquakes that have created such suffering in Turkey and Syria. Yet we only see the innate goodness of humankind who are opening their hearts, offering financial and practical support across the world and homes to the dispossessed. Many are worried themselves about soaring costs of living but the March winds push us ever forward to seeking new solutions, maximizing new opportunities however elusive or hard and an awareness we are wherever we live part of one family on whom that same full moon shines with promise.

We are prompted by the Virgoan moon to be grateful for our own safe homes and families, forgetting the petty irritations and niggling injustices that too often preoccupy the care that should flow from our hearts like the returning maple sap.

In the daily world the Virgoan full moon is the moon of health and healing, of striving for perfection, for completing any detailed matters and checking small print, for seeking new employment or retraining especially if you have been jobless for a while, for developing skills with crafts, for gardening and protecting the environment and for keeping to healthy eating and sensible exercise regimes, not extreme but gentle actions such as walking, swimming or cycling so you feel fit, harmonious and balanced. Above all Lady Virgo lectures us on sharing resources whether plentiful or scarce so none, young or old will go hungry, cold  or live in substandard housing.

The Moon in Virgo will also assist in reducing the effects of chronic illness or pain and any form of addiction, phobias or compulsion, for learning about natural remedies and removing the effects of the toxins of daily life from your body and mind.

Above all make this the month when you refuse to accept second best in any part of your life, rather strive for those dreams, seek the best from others and offer it in return. And as we look towards the Easter moon in April may this Virgoan moon will illuminate the dark corners to make the possibility of rebuilding in a new more caring and tangible form.

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