Welcome to the Full Strawberry or Rose Moon in Sagittarius

Welcome to the Full Strawberry or Rose Moon in Sagittarius

Friday, June 2, 2023

Welcome to the Full Strawberry or Rose in Sagittarius on June 4 at 3,41, UTC. In some time zones full moon will be seen on June 3 (www.timeanddate.com)

This is called the Strawberry Moon by the Algonquin, Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota peoples in recognition of the ripening of strawberries. In Europe it is the Honey Moon, Rose Moon or Mead Moon. June is named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno and so a month of committed love and fertility when newly married couples would traditionally be given the fermented honey drink, mead to bring health, happiness and prosperity.

This full moon is the last before the Summer Solstice in the Northern world celebrating the glorious light at full height; and in the Southern hemisphere heralding the rebirth of the sun. Wherever you live in the world this is the moon to stir your heart and get your feet dancing towards that festival of the sun.

It is a dynamic moon for aiming for what we most want, not hesitating or doubting. However, this straightforward, no holds barred moon in pursuit of honesty and justice is one where tact may sometimes need to temper blunt words; equally however the financial hardships and conflicts besetting the world may need some plain speaking to those who can make a difference but look the other way.

Remember too strawberries are sweetest when ripe and do not retain that sweetness long so bite deep into life now, forgetting fears, prohibitions; warnings that may linger in our minds as dusty cobwebs. Ask the person you like for a date, take the first steps to a new creative business or venture, start the personal or home makeover, dance with the grouchy folk in your life, smile, tell jokes. By the time the moon has faded and the strawberries are past their sweetest you will be striding along the path to fulfilment before the moon shines full in more cautious Capricorn in early July. Believe your actions can make a difference. Seize the moment, make the first brave move to venturing beyond the security blanket that may no longer offer comfort and shelter.  Make Strawberry moon or your next free day around this period a day of fun and laughter, vowing each day of the coming month to make yourself happy in a small way. That way happiness will spread as you share your enthusiasm with others in practical steps.  

  • Go out in the moonlight any night it is bright from today onwards as the energies are galloping and ripple your hands in a glass or silver coloured bowl of water. Say, 'I wash my hands in the light of Mother Moon, asking she will fill my life with radiance and make each day of the coming month bright. And that I may brighten the road of others.'
  • Leave the water, covered till morning, bottle it and splash your Moon Water on your pulse points in the month ahead to fill you with enthusiasm. If every small vibration affects the universe, we can, stirred by this most proactive moon create even the smallest unique contribution to a better world no matter how overwhelming the odds.

Happy Moonday.

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