Welcome to the Month of September

Sunday, September 19, 2021
Welcome to September
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September is named after Septem, the Latin word for seven because it was the seventh month after the New Year in March on the oldest known Roman calendar where there were originally ten months. It is a month associated with wisdom, knowledge, justice and truth and in Ancient Egypt with eternal life.

September is also the month of the Roman God Vulcan, deity of fire, metalworkers and the forge and husband of Venus. According to myth he fashioned a polished bronze mirror that showed past, present and future. Therefore, it is month for making our own Destiny and in doing so attracting that bit of extra magick, at least for those of us that are free.

For it is a bitter- sweet September in view of the tragic events in Afghanistan and one where we hope and pray that governments around the world will prevail in bringing pressure to avoid further bloodshed and protect the rights of those oppressed by this volatile regime.

We ask too our governments to hear our voices and persist in preventing further erosion of what was fought for so hard with words as well as weapons and at such sacrifices over the last twenty years in Afghanistan, that surely cannot, must not have been in vain.

The angel of September is Zuriel the Teacher who brings calm and reason, encourages idealism and balance and works towards justice legal, global or personal He offers the ability to see both sides of a situation, diplomacy and peace-making skills. Above all, Zuriel guards us against unwise and impulsive words or actions that may be regretted.

Zuriel’s influence in the world is needed now more than ever as we try to rebuild our own lives as the pandemic is beginning to recede. But especially his protection is needed for those living in or seeking to escape from Afghanistan, whose struggles put our problems into perspective.

  • Light a blue candle, Zuriel’s colour, near an un-curtained window on a Thursday, his day, so the image of the candle is reflected in the glass.
  • Say, I send this beam of light to spread peace throughout the world and especially to all suffering or living in fear in Afghanistan.
  • Blow softly into the flame saying There is not enough darkness in the world to put out the light of a single candle.
  • Sprinkle salt into the flame saying Turn away the face of hatred and division.
  • Sprinkle a second pinch of salt in the flame saying I dedicate this light that love and peace will spread throughout the world and to those still in Afghanistan and others who have fled their homes, that they may find peace, safety and a welcome, as we share our good fortune with those who have left everything behind.
  • Leave the candle to burn through.
  • Keep the salt for 24 hours and then tip the salt away under running water.

For those of us who are free, September is a month for resolving personal injustices, for all forms of training and retraining especially as the pandemic changes the job market for many, for finding solutions for difficult questions, for holidays or relaxing weekends as stay-cations to create happiness and a degree of freedom again, for those of us who are free. It offers favourable energies in resolving gender, ageist or sexist inequalities, unfair dismissal in the workplace or cruelty in the home. September is a time for working to solve long standing relationship difficulties and reducing outside interference, for marriage or long- term commitments and success in love and romance as the energies of compromise grow stronger.

In September, however, avoid taking sides in your personal or work life, being railroaded into giving an opinion, flirting or falling for flattery and con-merchants, making major purchases if the finances are not in place and trying to live a double life especially in love. If a matter of principle arises, do not sit on the fence or try to please everyone.

Happy September and may by next September the world be so much safer, free and justice prevail.

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