Welcome to the second moon of the month of August

Welcome to the second moon of the month of August

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Welcome to the second moon of the month of August, on August 31 at 01.35 UTC and so appearing on August 30 in some time zones (see www.timeanddate.com for the date and time in your location).

This full moon in Pisces, is called the blue moon, like all double occurring moons in the same month, because of its rarity. It is also a supermoon, the closest to the earth and brightest of the year and so a triple boost of power  as full, blue and supermoon energies combine to launch us optimistically into September. The next time the moon will be closer to the earth than this month is on November 5, 2025. A supermoon is so called because it appears larger and brighter than normal as it passes closest to the earth.

On a blue moon it is said we can more easily contact our ancestors, perhaps by preparing their favourite meal and having a family evening with old photos and memories, on zoom for absent family members. The blue moon according to tradition, brings the increase of fertility, good fortune and finances. Pick or buy flowers on the blue moon and press one or two to preserve or dry as a token to hold the powerful energies of the blue moon night as a reminder of what is possible in the months ahead.

The lovely flowing Pisces Full Moon is the moon of cascading emotions. She laughs and cries at the same time, says goodbye, this can never be and in an instant is back laughing mischievously, dries the tears and dances for the sheer joy of being alive. She tells us where there is sorrow there will follow joy - and yes more tears, but then laughter again and trust ripening even if it now lies shattered.

There are no guarantees of forever, says this moon, not for the butterfly enjoying every last moment of the light or for our carefully accumulated Lego brick security, no surety, the seeds we planted will have grown and the harvest be rich and ripe.

Yet we cannot hold back for fear of being hurt or failing. On this moon we must drink deep of life and squeeze every moment of pleasure and treasure the precious moments and if we are wounded pick ourselves up again and again and again.

The Pisces Full Moon is a moon for new love, love after loss or calling back old temporarily abandoned love; for music and the performing arts; for truth softened by kindness, for balancing two commitments or having two careers and loving both; for adaptability, merging two families and for using our hidden telepathic powers when our mobiles are out of range or everyday words fail.

Lady Moon helps us to overcome rivalries of people or demands pulling  in different directions. There is enough love for all, for life is a rich casserole and the more that is added the more delectable it becomes, not like a cake to be portioned and fighting over crumbs.

Rejoice then under this triple moon power in the silver moonlight, offering all and asking nothing but the experience of the moment.

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