Welcome to the September Equinox

Welcome to the September Equinox

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Welcome to the September Equinox on September 23, the point of equal day and equal night throughout the world at 01. 04 UTC. A transition between light and darker days and nights.

At this moment the time of balance, just for a second past and future fuse in the present when anything is possible. A bitter-sweet transition marked, even for non-monarchists, by an awareness that 70 years of Queen Elizabeth ‘s reign have passed, the world still turns, marks the point of balance and moves on.

More than seventy years ago in my crepe paper Hip-Hip-Hooray red, white and blue costume, I was clutching my coronation mug, my gold coin and considering myself the luckiest girl in the world for being given the golden coach off the top of the street party celebration cake. I never knew then 140 equinoxes, two each year, would pass in an eye blink with no promise of a re-run now I have finally found the right page in the script of life.

Whether you are preparing for the Spring or Autumn Equinox, it is a time for clearing from the heart what can be no more and preserving what can still with effort be salvaged, grown or rebuilt anew.

Before bed, crush one or two lemon balm leaves between your fingers or inhale lemon balm saying as you do so saying, Be as balm to my heart, bring consolation and joy and gratitude for what has ebbed and flowed and will do so again. Let me sleep peacefully and greet with reconciliation and hope on the morn what still can be made glorious and peace and healing flow through the earth

At last, may be felt the stirrings of spring in the Southern hemisphere; In the northern climes the September Equinox heralding the hoped-for Autumn harvest and faith in the new planting just the other side of winter.

Go with all your heart for maybe long-desired change, but do not give up on people or situations where there is still hope and love or where we have discovered during the testing times through which the world has passed and still passes, we are mortal, not angels or demons - and so there can be forgiveness and understanding and striving for tolerance and unity.

Happy Equinox and may those I have not seen for so many months across the seas soon be restored to my life. You are always in my heart,

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