Welcome to the Spring Equinox

Welcome to the Spring Equinox

Monday, March 20, 2023

Welcome to the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere, March 20 beginning at 21.24 UTC, whose energies can be experienced also in the days following. It is at the precise same moment the Autumn or Fall Equinox in the Southern hemisphere. For both the point of equal day and night, the time of balance, the moment radiating calm, acceptance and waiting, pausing while the world its draws cosmic breath and maybe for the first time in ages looking around and realising what we most want we already have.

In six months the equinoxes will exchange places, once more restoring equilibrium to the wheel of the world as it turns.

The return of balance, halts momentarily the extremes, poverty and wealth, war and peace, stagnation and fire, wind  and flood. A time then to step back and regain our balance, accepting that it may be necessary to allow the carousel of life to turn without us just for a while as we pause and decide if we want to leap on as it swirls full speed, wait for the slowing and the right opportunity, the right place on the wheel. For it will keep turning even if we pause to regain that personal poise between action and inaction, so we can choose within the limitations imposed by others and our old doubts, rather than reacting and clinging on fearing we may fall.

Mother Nature turns the wheel of the year and spring with its new beginnings and autumn with its reconciliation of what did and did not thrive.

She is a reminder of the year’s passing and a reassessment of what has been achieved and still can be attained; time at the turning of the year to make up that old quarrel  not waiting till next month, next year and speaking too, the words of love and appreciation. Give flowers to a loved one  now on the Equinox to bring and share their pleasure rather waiting to make offerings one day to fade on a grave.

We should not give up on people or situations where there is still hope and love, or where we discovered we are mortal, not angels or demons and so there can be forgiveness and understanding and new beginnings.

Wherever you live in the world on this Equinox, you might like to try this renewal of  the home ritual to welcome the changing energies.

You will need:

A bowl of lavender, lilac or rose water or a floral fragrance diluted in a little water.


Any morning around the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere or the Autumn Equinox in the Southern hemisphere.

The Ritual:

Anoint each doorknob or handle in your home with a few drops of fragrance, starting from outside the front door and sprinkling a few drops on each external window ledge too, saying for each, 'Blessings on all, May sickness, misfortune and sorrow call here no more,  except to happiness do I bar every door. Let there be laughter, health and daily good cheer, bad luck and sadness depart now from here.'

Go indoors, again anointing door handles starting inside the front door and ledges in every room, repeating the words.

Pour any fragrance that is left down a bathroom wash basin plughole, saying, 'Now, only goodness and good fortune dwell within. Blessings be on all who enter herein.'

Happy, happy Equinox as equal day meets equal night and may by the time the next Equinox dawns six months from now, peace, health and enough for all have entered and remain in the world.

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