For all readings: Send your birth date and time (if known), the full name by which you are known by and original birth name as well as the birth dates and names of those in your world, partner, children or parents or anyone whom you would like (or not wish as part of your life any longer). These details are for any numerology aspects to your readings.

Current lead time is 3 weeks to receive your reading by email – please ensure you have provided the correct email address during your payment process (especially if it is different than the one used on our Paypal account). Whitelist this email address: info @ cassandraeason . com and check your spam folder if your reading has not arrived before contact us.

My readings are what you could expect as if you were face to face with me and wanting a traditional reading except I work from a distance and from information you send me by email (including a photo if you wish) and then I send your detailed reading by email  (depending on my workload between 3 to 5 weeks).

Jan 2021: Current lead time is 3 weeks
Readings cost from £50 to £90

I use a number of the following methods including numerology, angels, Tarot, runes, crystals, crystal ball, Tree Staves and Egyptian tablets, which I instinctively choosing the best to answer your questions. You can send me as much or as little information about yourself (and anyone else involved in the reading) as you wish.

As we are not face to face, a little information is necessary for me to tune into your energies, such as your name and birth date and perhaps a photo of you and possibly of anyone you are also asking about, your birthplace, current home area, career and interests, hopes and fears. Obviously the more I have, the better I am able to answer your questions precisely.

Available Readings

  • Past Lives: Cost £50
  • Classic Reading: Cost £60
  • Tree of life: Cost £70
  • Life Path: Cost £80
  • In Spirit: Cost £80
  • Wheel of the Year: Cost £90

To order a reading

To order a reading make your payment then EMAIL me with your details / questions. Don’t forget to include your date of birth and/or that of the person or people in the reading request. Your details will only be kept for as long as it takes to do the reading. D.O.B is for the numerology aspects of the readings

Past Life Reading

Have you lived before? Do you wonder if you and a lover have been together and are meant to be together and why it seems hard? Wonder why you are making the same mistakes again? Past life information can help us to understand seemingly illogical fears and phobias and this can be very healing in our present lives. We can also discover strengths we did not know we had and ways of overcoming present life obstacles to achieve as yet unfulfilled dreams.
Twin souls and past lives – Making the connection with your twin soul. In a number of lifetimes our soul twin does become our lover and in ideal circumstances a life partner, though the twin soul relationship is like any other love, subject to obstacles and challenges. Even if there are problems in this lifetime often as one of the couple explores past worlds, strategies are revealed to revive the relationship in a more positive way or to accept in this lifetime you may love another member of your Soul family, the souls with whom you may travel in different lifetimes.
Your past life reading will uncover lives that are relevant to your present situation and relationships and so give me, your name, that of any other relevant person, dates of birth, place of birth, any relationships now and their current state and any relevant questions concerning why you wish to explore the past especially concerning any fears or gifts and your current career or occupation.

Past Lives Reading ~ Cost: £50

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Classic Reading

This reading allows you to ask up to three specific questions. Your questions can be on any subject, related to each other or three separate issues. The Classic Reading is ideal for asking questions about immediate matters such as current relationships, work issues, family matters etc.

Classic Reading ~ Cost: £60

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Tree of Life Reading

This is a reading about your life’s path, where you are going and what will fulfil you. The Tree of Life with its eleven spheres including the hidden sphere is a traditional, structured in depth form of reading. This is ideal for life path or relationship choices or for assessing where you are and where you could be within a year or whatever time period you ask about.
For the tree of life reading you need to tell me where you are now and where your hopes lie for the future and other relevant information so that I can help you to find solutions and the way forward. Share your worries and we will find solutions.

Tree of Life Reading ~ Cost: £70

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Life Path Reading

Discover your future life path.

This is more than a reading – using psychic counselling for a life review, love, career, business, family, spiritual pathway, any or all of these according to your questions or issues you wish to understand or resolve.

You may send up to five questions or areas in your life you need to ask about.

The reading will include numerology from your date of birth, name you are known by officially and what people call you in different parts of your life.

An Options or Pathway Tarot spread (you give me the options or decisions you have to make), a crystal oracle and a ritual or empowerment to move your life from where it is now to where it can be.

Life Path Reading ~ Cost: £80

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In Spirit Reading

If you feel there is so much more to your life that has not yet manifest, then maybe you need to delve deeper in to your psychic realm. With this very special reading, you can discover your angels, spirit guides and power animals who are near to you now. Not only that I can identify your special crystals that will empower you during this time. Discover your past lives that have shaped you and the steps you can take to overcome what seems old karma. You will be given simple empowerments and rituals to open your spiritual powers

In Spirit Reading ~ Cost: £80

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Wheel of the Year Reading

Each month, your year long reading will feature a variety of elements starting from the month after you book. The reading will describe the numerological energies around you each month, depending on your date and if known time of birth. Each month will feature the particular angels, crystals and fragrances associated with your birth date and anyone else in your life you ask about and will also include the angels associated with each calendar month and the zodiac sign associated with the full moon of that month. I will use crystals, runes, Tarot, God and Goddess cards and Tree staves or Egyptian tablets.
In addition we all have special questions and worries about the year ahead so express them in as much or little detail as you wish and I will focus especially but not exclusively upon these. Tell me whether you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere as this affects the energies.

Wheel of the Year Reading ~ Cost: £90

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I would Highly recommend a reading from Cassandra Eason. I was given insight as to what was Unfolding in my workplace and provided with a course of Action I may need to take.
Cassandra also encouraged me to leave my job
and embrace the house shift that I had planned.
I put our House on the market it sold in one week and secured the House we wanted in one week.
I found a job that suited me within one week and secured it. Events did unfold in the work place
As difficult as it was to stand my ground I did so, as speak the truth we must.
It confirmed I had made the right decision to move on. I am beyond grateful for this reading.

Jackie – Queensland. 2018

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